Delivery of Product Sample Clauses

Delivery of Product. (a) No later than the deadlines set forth in subsections (i) and (ii) below, Seller shall submit, or cause Seller’s SC(s) to submit:
Delivery of Product. (a) No later than ten (10) Business Days before the applicable Buyer’s Compliance Showing deadlines for each Showing Month, Seller shall submit, or shall cause Seller’s SC(s) to submit, Notice to Buyer which includes Seller’s proposed Supply Plan for such Showing Month in a form substantially similar to Exhibit D, or in a form as communicated in writing by Buyer to Seller no later than fifteen
Delivery of Product. Before the Commercial Operation Date and throughout the Term, Seller shall hold all legal and contractual rights sufficient to enable Seller to deliver Product to PacifiCorp in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Delivery of Product. 10.1 Subject to Clause 24 (Capacity Constraints), GSK (or the Nominated Supplier) shall Deliver the Products on the date specified in the relevant Firm Order, provided that:
Delivery of Product. 9.1 Under the terms of this Agreement Delivery of Product by the Supplier shall commence on or following the applicable Commencement Date and all provisions of this clause 9 (Delivery of Product) (including references to the Product Term) apply from the applicable Commencement Date.
Delivery of Product. Seller shall provide Buyer with the Expected Contract Quantity for each day of each Showing Month that is part of a RA Delivery Period consistent with the following:
Delivery of Product. Gland shall ship and deliver the Products Ex-Works Gland Pharma Warehouse, in accordance with Incoterms 2010.
Delivery of Product. Cost of transportation from Oculus to Ruthigen’s designated plant will be shared equally by the parties.
Delivery of Product. Virtana delivers software Products to Customers electronically. Except for such Products delivered electronically, Virtana will ship all other Products F.O.B. Virtana’s shipping facility per UCC, or ExWorks Virtana’s place of production or shipment per INCOTERMS 2010, for international shipments. Unless specifically agreed by the parties in writing, all shipments shall be sent to the same “ship to” address set forth in the Quote. Title and risk of loss or damage in any Products physically delivered hereunder, including hardware Products and software media, passes from Virtana to Customer upon the tender of shipment to Customer’s carrier at Virtana’s dock. Customer shall pay all shipping charges, insurance, forwarding and brokerage fees, import or export duties and taxes that may be required. Virtana may allocate production and deliveries in its sole and reasonable discretion in the event of a shortage of Products. Any shipping dates provided to Customer are approximate only. Virtana shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or expense incurred by Customer if Virtana fails to meet a specified shipping date.
Delivery of Product. Seller shall deliver to Buyer the Contract Quantity for each Showing Month consistent with the following: Seller shall, on a timely basis, submit, or cause each Unit's SC to submit, Supply Plans to identify and confirm the Unit Quantity to be provided to Buyer from each Unit for each Showing Month so that the total amount of Unit Quantity identified and confirmed for such Showing Month equals the Contract Quantity, unless specifically requested not to do so by the Buyer pursuant to Section 3.9, and; Seller shall cause each Unit’s SC to submit written notification to Buyer, no later than fifteen (15) Business Days before the applicable Compliance Showing deadlines for each Showing Month, confirming that Buyer will be credited with the Unit Quantity for each Unit for such Showing Month in the Unit’s SC Supply Plan so that the total amount of Unit Quantity credited equals the Contract Quantity for such Showing Month.