Delivery of Product Sample Clauses

Delivery of Product. 9.1 Under the terms of this Agreement Delivery of Product by the Supplier shall commence on or following the applicable Commencement Date and all provisions of this clause 9 (Delivery of Product) (including references to the Product Term) apply from the applicable Commencement Date.
Delivery of Product. (a) No later than the deadlines set forth in subsections (i) and (ii) below, Seller shall submit, or cause Seller’s SC(s) to submit:
Delivery of Product. Virtana delivers software Products to Customers electronically. Except for such Products delivered electronically, Virtana will ship all other Products F.O.B. Virtana’s shipping facility per UCC, or ExWorks Virtana’s place of production or shipment per INCOTERMS 2010, for international shipments. Unless specifically agreed by the parties in writing, all shipments shall be sent to the same “ship toaddress set forth in the Quote. Title and risk of loss or damage in any Products physically delivered hereunder, including hardware Products and software media, passes from Virtana to Customer upon the tender of shipment to Customer’s carrier at Virtana’s dock. Customer shall pay all shipping charges, insurance, forwarding and brokerage fees, import or export duties and taxes that may be required. Virtana may allocate production and deliveries in its sole and reasonable discretion in the event of a shortage of Products. Any shipping dates provided to Customer are approximate only. Virtana shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or expense incurred by Customer if Virtana fails to meet a specified shipping date.
Delivery of Product. On the applicable delivery date contemplated in a Purchase Order, IPC shall deliver the Product(s) in its final packaged form to the carrier selected by Tris at the Production Facility. The Product shall be shipped by IPC to Tris by such method as Tris shall reasonably designate. Tris shall be responsible for the selection of the carrier and if Freight Charges are paid by IPC (which it is under no obligation to pay), such charges shall be promptly reimbursed by Tris upon written request, which request shall be accompanied by all relevant supporting documentation. Title to any shipped Product sold hereunder shall transfer to Tris and Tris shall bear all risk of loss with respect to shipped Product when delivered by IPC to the carrier designated by Tris. Tris shall be solely responsible for proper storage of the Product in accordance with applicable specifications once the Product has been delivered, but IPC shall be solely responsible for all pre-shipment quality assurance testing and/or release of the Product for distribution, in accordance with all Applicable Laws. For clarity, Tris shall pay for all Freight Charges.
Delivery of Product. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, HDU shall immediately deliver to MamaMancini’s any and all packaging materials, specifications and other material, documents and papers whatsoever sent by MamaMancini’s to HDU relating to the business of MamaMancini’s or the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the Product, and, except as set forth below, any and all property of MamaMancini’s in HDU’s possession or under its control. The right of MamaMancini’s to receive the aforementioned materials shall be absolute and unconditional, notwithstanding any claims which HDU may have or assert against MamaMancini’s, whether arising under this Agreement, by reason of its termination or otherwise; provided, however, that before delivery of such materials HDU may demand payment of the balance, if any, of the aggregate amount owed by MamaMancini’s to HDU on account of shipments of the Product previously delivered to and accepted by MamaMancini’s pursuant to this Agreement, less the aggregate amount of any claims by MamaMancini’s on account of shipments of the Product in breach of the warranty contained in Paragraph 5 hereof. HDU shall also deliver to MamaMancini’s any of the Product manufactured by HDU for MamaMancini’s pursuant to MamaMancini’s’s Purchase Order(s) before such termination, either on the dates specified by MamaMancini’s in its Purchase Order(s) or as provided herein or, if MamaMancini’s so directs, immediately upon such termination; provided, however, that if any order has not been fully completed prior to such termination, MamaMancini’s shall have the option of canceling the order with respect to that portion of the order not manufactured by HDU upon termination and shall not be required to accept any further amounts of the Product. In addition, upon termination of this Agreement for any reason, MamaMancini’s shall have the option to purchase any or all of the Product manufactured by HDU but not ordered by MamaMancini’s at the purchase price quoted with respect to the purchase order next preceding such termination. Upon termination, MamaMancini’s shall reimburse HDU its actual cost for any boxes, bags, and other packaging material utilized for the Product which are obsolete or specifically designed for the Product and returned to MamaMancini’s. All payments for any of the Product, boxes, bags and other packaging materials delivered after termination shall be C.O.D.
Delivery of Product. 3. Upon signature of this Agreement, Statistics Canada shall provide to the Licensee access to the CIHI Files and one copy of the related documentation.