Use of Logo Sample Clauses

Use of Logo. Each Loan Party authorizes Agent to use its name, logo and/or trademark without notice to or consent by such Loan Party, in connection with certain promotional materials that Agent may disseminate to the public. The promotional materials may include, but are not limited to, brochures, video tape, internet website, press releases, advertising in newspaper and/or other periodicals, lucites, and any other materials relating the fact that Agent has a financing relationship with Borrower and such materials may be developed, disseminated and used without Loan Partiesreview. Nothing herein obligates Agent to use a Loan Party’s name, logo and/or trademark, in any promotional materials of Agent. Loan Parties shall not, and shall not permit any of its respective Affiliates to, issue any press release or other public disclosure (other than any document filed with any governmental authority relating to a public offering of the securities of Borrower) using the name, logo or otherwise referring to General Electric Capital Corporation, GE Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. or of any of their affiliates, the Debt Documents or any transaction contemplated herein or therein without at least two (2) Business Days prior written notice to and the prior written consent of Agent unless, and only to the extent that, Loan Parties or such Affiliate is required to do so under applicable law and then, only after consulting with Agent prior thereto.
Use of Logo. The Company grants the Purchasers permission to use any name or logo of the Company Group in any marketing materials of the Purchaser Group. The Purchaser Group shall include a trademark attribution notice giving notice of the Company Group’s ownership of its trademarks in the marketing materials in which the Company Group’s name and logo appear.
Use of Logo. Upon receipt of RV approval from the Validator, Participants may use the XXXXX Certified Playground Surfacing logo(s) and program approval verbiage (see License Application and Agreement) to identify the Playground Surfacing Product(s) as certified, in accordance with the requirements of the License Application and Agreement and Appendix B.
Use of Logo. 7.01 CAC will provide an electronic copy of the most current logo for the Provider to use in its organizational materials. The Provider will, in turn, use only the most current logo of CAC.
Use of Logo. Unless otherwise instructed by Licensor in writing at any moment in time Licensee and/or Third Parties are obliged to use “powered by SpeechMagicTM” logo for all Designated Applications, packaging, internet, advertising, initial splash screen and related SpeechMagic marketing material of Licensee’s Designated Applications, or in the accompanying documentation. In addition the “SpeechMagicTM” word marks can be used provided and as long as Licensee adheres to the Nuance Corporate Guidelines, set forth by Addendum D to this Agreement.
Use of Logo. The Partners mutually commit not to use the name and logo or any other identifying marks for purposes different than those covered by the agreement, except for specific agreements between the parties that provide, prior explicit approval, forms of communication and divulging of the initiatives covered by the agreement.
Use of Logo. Except for the use of each of the Fund's most current prospectus and SAI, the Company shall not use, nor shall it allow its employees or agents to use, the name or logo of T. Xxxx Price, any of the Funds, the Underwriter or any of their affiliates or any products or services sponsored, managed, advised, administered or distributed by T. Xxxx Price or the Underwriter, or any of their affiliates, for advertising, trade or other commercial or noncommercial purposes without the express prior written consent of the Underwriter or T. Xxxx Price.