UAW Sample Clauses

UAW retirement, 1983
UAW. Chairperson Betsy Hall noted that members of her unit were still catching up from the two days off because of the cold weather.
UAW. CTSPC Interviews (Oct. 12, 2021). Monitor requested that the Union share the notes of those interviews to aid the Monitor in carrying out the Consent Decree’s investigative mandate.32 In response, the Union’s legal counsel expressed concern that sharing the notes could waive the Union’s privileges, despite the fact that the Union had sought33 and obtained the 502 Order noted above allowing the Union to share materials with the Monitor without risk of such waiver.34‌ Eventually, the Union proposed, and the Monitor accepted, a compromise whereby the Union’s counsel would read the notes to members of the Monitor’s team, rather than turning over the notes themselves, a compromise the Monitor reported to the Court in the Initial Status Report.35 Shortly after the Monitor’s Initial Status Report was filed, however, the UAW changed its position, with counsel, and then UAW President Raymond Curry, informing the Monitor that they would not provide the summaries of the interviews after all.36 This change in position was particularly surprising given that the Union’s counsel had told the Court, when seeking the 502 Order, that the UAW’s intent in seeking that order was to “allow us to facilitate the monitor’s work, rather than
UAW. Class Members. The UAW, acting on its own behalf and as the authorized representative of the Class Members, claims and continues to claim that the allegations, claims and contentions made against Newco have merit. Neither the Chrysler Retiree Settlement nor this Settlement Agreement nor any document referred to or contemplated herein nor any Settlement Actions may be construed as, or may be viewed or used as, an Admission by or against the UAW or the Class Members of any fault, wrongdoing or liability whatsoever or of the validity of any claim or argument made by or on behalf of Newco that Newco has a unilateral right to modify or terminate retiree health care benefits or that retiree health care benefits are not vested. Without limiting in any manner whatsoever the generality of the foregoing, the performance of any Settlement Actions by the UAW or the Class Members, including without limitation, the acceptance of any retiree health care benefits under any of the Newco health care plans set forth in this Settlement Agreement, may not be construed, viewed or used as an Admission by or against the UAW or the Class Members that Newco has the unilateral right to modify or terminate retiree health care benefits. There has been no determination by any court as to the factual allegations made against Newco in the English Case. Entering into this Settlement Agreement and performance of any of the Settlement Actions shall not be construed as, or deemed to be evidence of, an Admission by any of the parties hereto, and shall not be offered or received in evidence in any action or proceeding against any party hereto in any court, administrative agency or other tribunal or forum for any purpose whatsoever other than to enforce the provisions of this Settlement Agreement or to obtain or seek approval of this Settlement Agreement. For the purposes of this Section 26, Newco and the UAW refer to "New Carco Acquisition LLC" and the "International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America", respectively, as organizations, as well as any and all of their respective current or former directors, officers, employees, and agents.

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  • Union Stewards (a) The Hospital agrees to recognize Union stewards to be elected or appointed from amongst employees in the bargaining unit who have completed their probationary period for the purpose of dealing with Union business as provided under this Collective Agreement.

  • Stewards Stewards who attend Union/Management and Professional Responsibility Committee meetings outside of scheduled work hours shall be paid at straight time rates for time spent at the meetings.

  • Union Bargaining Committee A Union Bargaining Committee shall be appointed by the Union and shall consist of up to three (3) members of the Union together with the President of the Union or her designate. The Union shall have the right at any time to have the assistance of members of the staff of the Union when negotiating with the Employer.

  • New Employee Orientation (a) Thirty (30) minutes shall be granted for a representative of the Union to make a presentation to new employees for the purpose of identifying the organization’s representation status, organizational benefits, facilities, related information, and distributing and collecting membership applications. This time is not to be used for discussion of labor-management disputes. If the Union representative is an employee of the Agency, the employee shall be given time off with pay for the time required to make the presentation.

  • Union The Employer recognizes the Union designated below as the exclusive bargaining representative of all employees in the bargaining unit for which each has been recognized and certified at the National Level: American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Maintenance Employees American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Motor Vehicle Employees American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Postal Clerks - The Special Delivery Messengers were merged into the Clerk Craft by Memorandum of Understanding dated November 20, 1997. American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Mail Equipment Shops Employees American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Material Distribution Centers Employees American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO - Operating Services and Facilities Services Employees.

  • Unions If the contractor relies in whole or in part upon unions as a source of employees, the contractor will use good faith efforts to obtain the cooperation of such unions to increase opportunities for minorities and women. Actions by the contractor, either directly or through a contractor's association acting as agent, will include the procedures set forth below: