Transit Sample Clauses

Transit. For any call originated by an end user served by a Carrier that routes through Qwest’s network and which terminates to a QLSP End User, Qwest retains its rights to xxxx the originating Carrier Transit charges for that call under the originating Carrier’s Agreement.
Transit. The Parties agree that the principle of freedom of transit is an essential condition of attaining the objectives of this Agreement. In that regard, each Party shall provide for freedom of transit through its territory of goods consigned from or destined for the customs territory of the other Party in accordance with Article V of the GATT 1994, including its interpretative notes, which are incorporated into and made part of this Agreement, mutatis mutandis.
Transit. 1. Either Contracting State may authorize transportation through its territory of a person surrendered to the other State by a third State. A request for transit shall be made through the diplomatic channel or directly between the United States Department of Justice and the Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg. The facilities of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) may be used to transmit such a request. It shall contain a description of the person being transported and a brief statement of the facts of the case. A person in transit may be detained in custody during the period of transit. Transit may be refused for a national of the Requested State and for a person sought for prosecution or to serve a penalty of deprivation of liberty imposed by the authorities of that State.
Transit. 1. The Parties shall ensure freedom of transit through their territory via the route most convenient for transit.
Transit. 1. The Parties shall take all necessary measures to facilitate the transit of energy goods, consistent with the principle of freedom of transit, and in accordance with Article 7(1) and (3) of the Energy Charter Treaty.
Transit. We will pay up to 100% (one hundred percent) of the “amount of insurance” shown in the “enrollment form” for loss of or damage to Covered Property by fire or by the collision or overturn of a motor vehicle or trailer upon which Covered Property is being transported while such Covered Property is in transit to or from the self-storage facility, provided the Covered Property is in transit within 100 (one hundred) miles of the described storage facility described in the “rental agreement”.
Transit. Effective January 1, 2022, in January of each year, the Employer shall provide one hundred and ten ($110.00) dollars to bus operators (after completing probation) for the purpose of purchasing nonskid black or xxxxx shoes that are suitable with the appearance of the uniform, unless authorized otherwise.
Transit. Coverage is provided for “equipment” and “stock” in transit (other than by parcel post) in owned vehicles or by common carrier.
Transit. 1. To the extent permitted by its law, the right to transport through the territory of either Contracting Party a person surrendered to the other Contracting Party by a third State shall be granted on request in writing made through the diplomatic channel.
Transit. The Parties shall take any necessary measures to facilitate transit, consistent with the principle of freedom of transit, and in accordance with Articles V.1, V.2, V.4 and V.5 of GATT 1994 and Articles 7.1 and 7.3 of the Energy Charter Treaty, which are incorporated into this Agreement and made part thereof. ARTICLE 349