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The Initiative. This MOU is to provide a framework under which DPSCD and a faith-based partner will develop and administer a collaborative initiative to provide the activities and opportunities which allow for the whole development of DPSCD students (the “Initiative”). The Initiative activities and opportunities are currently contemplated to consist of the following: (1) organizing and encouraging community members to volunteer at DPSCD and to become provide mentors to DPSCD students and families, (2) sharing district information and updates, (3) encouraging enrollment, (4) assisting with beautification projects, (5) developing school-based pantries, (6) leading clothing and toy drives or (7) such other activities as the Parties may agree in writing. This MOU between DPSCD and ________ (Name of Entity) outlines the Initiative activities and opportunities selected by _________ (Name of Entity) and provisions for participation.
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The Initiative. 1. In addition to the Project, PSU and the County will form a Joint Human Services and Community Health Initiative to enhance existing, and initiate new, research, evaluation, education, and training projects (the “Initiative”). PSU and the County expect that the Initiative will be a long term mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and last at least 20 years. The Initiative will be guided by a joint taskforce of faculty and administrators from PSU and the County. Among its activities, such taskforce will outline project scopes, identify and seek funding, and develop mutually acceptable deliverables that PSU will provide to the County for the following projects (or similar significant projects of mutual interest to PSU and the County) to begin in fiscal year 2013/2014:
The Initiative 

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  • Deployment (a) In filling a position vacancy at a location NAV CANADA may proceed by the transfer of an employee at the same level.

  • Construction Phase Services 3.1.1 – Basic Construction Services

  • Benchmarking Process 2.2.1 The Supplier shall produce and send to the Authority for Approval, a draft plan for the Benchmark Review.

  • New Teacher Orientation The Association shall have the opportunity to participate in the opening in-service day including speakers for the sole purpose of greeting new faculty members and informing them of the opportunities available to them through joining their professional association.

  • Preconstruction Phase Services Preconstruction Phase Services shall mean all services described in Article 3.1, and any similar services described in the Request for Proposals, including such similar services as are described in the Construction Manager at Risk’s Response to the Request for Proposals to the extent they are accepted by Owner, but excluding any Early Work. Early Work shall be considered part of Construction Phase Services.

  • Teams One team for the purposes of the Event shall consist of one Vehicle. Each Vehicle can contain a maximum of three Team Members, provided such Team Members have entered into a Team Entry Agreement with the Company or have otherwise agreed in writing to participate in the Event upon and subject to the Terms of Entry and the Event Rules. For the avoidance of doubt, it is the sole responsibility of each Team to inform themselves of the maximum numbers of persons legally permitted to travel in the Vehicle under Relevant Law. Vehicles: Rickshaws The Company shall provide each Team with the contact details of the Approved Hirer who will be able to provide each Team with a Vehicle for use in the Event, subject to the Team entering into an agreement (the “Borrowing Agreementâ€) with the Hirer outlining the terms of use of the Vehicle. Should the Vehicle not be delivered to the Designated Finish Point up to 3 days after the date of the official Finish Line Party, then the team will be liable for either the cost to retrieve the Vehicle and/or the "Hire Costs" beyond this date. Each Vehicle will be of a similar specification to that outlined in Schedule 4 to the Team Entry Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company shall make no representations or warranties as to the suitability of the Approved Hirer or of the Vehicle for participation in the Event and any rights or warranties which a Team may have or be granted in relation to the Vehicle shall be limited to those contained in the Rental Agreement or implied by any Relevant Law.

  • Project Development a. Collaborate with COUNTY and project clients to identify requirements and develop a project Scope Statement.

  • Projects The Annexes attached hereto describe the specific projects and the policy reforms and other activities related thereto (each, a “Project”) that the Government will carry out, or cause to be carried out, in furtherance of this Compact to achieve the Objectives and the Compact Goal.

  • Working Procedure Assist in the definition and analysis of vehicle system requirements. Prepare technical specification sheets. Evaluate vendor proposals to ensure the specifications are met. Assist in the generation and checking of test reports. May conduct and witness factory acceptance tests, dynamic performance tests and may provide support for commissioning of vehicles at customers' premises. Perform other related duties as required.

  • Joint Network Implementation and Grooming Process Upon request of either Party, the Parties shall jointly develop an implementation and grooming process (the “Joint Grooming Process” or “Joint Process”) which may define and detail, inter alia:

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