Security and Safeguarding Information Sample Clauses

Security and Safeguarding Information. (a) Confidential Information that contains Non-Public Personal Information about customers is subject to the protections created by the Xxxxx-Xxxxx-Xxxxxx Act of 1999 (the “Act”) and under the standards for safeguarding Confidential Information, 16 CFR Part 314 (2002) adopted by Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) (the “Safeguards Rule”). Additionally, state specific laws may regulate how certain confidential or personal information is safeguarded. The parties agree with respect to the Non-Public Personal Information to take all appropriate measures in accordance with the Act, and any state specific laws, as are necessary to protect the security of the Non-Public Personal Information and to specifically assure there is no disclosure of the Non-Public Personal Information other than as authorized under the Act, and any state specific laws, and this Agreement. With respect to Confidential Information, including Non-Public Personal Information and Personally Identifiable Financial Information as applicable, each of the parties agrees that:
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Security and Safeguarding Information. (a) With respect to Confidential Information, each of the parties agrees that:
Security and Safeguarding Information. The Company shall use security tools and technologies that meet or exceed industry standards in providing services under this Agreement. In the event that student data is no longer needed for the specific purpose for which it was provided, including any copies of the student data that may reside in system backups, temporary files, or other storage media, it shall be destroyed as per best practices for data destruction or returned to the Board using commercially reasonable care, security procedures and practices. The Company shall implement current commercially reasonable and acceptable security measures and technologies to prevent unauthorized access to, or use, disclosure, or loss of student data. Such measures shall in no event be less stringent than those used by other companies providing services similar to the services or possessing similar type information. Such measures shall include, where appropriate, use of updated firewalls, virus screening software, logon identification and passwords, encryption, intrusion detection systems, logging of incidents, periodic reporting, and prompt application of current security patches, virus definitions, and other updates.

Related to Security and Safeguarding Information

  • Customer Information CPNI of a Customer and any other non-public, individually identifiable information about a Customer or the purchase by a Customer of the services or products of a Party.

  • Information Regarding the Collateral (a) Furnish to the Administrative Agent at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of any change in: (i) any Loan Party’s name or in any trade name used to identify it in the conduct of its business or in the ownership of its properties; (ii) the location of any Loan Party’s chief executive office, its principal place of business, any office in which it maintains books or records relating to Collateral owned by it or any office or facility at which Collateral owned by it is located (including the establishment of any such new office or facility); (iii) any Loan Party’s organizational structure or jurisdiction of incorporation or formation; or (iv) any Loan Party’s Federal Taxpayer Identification Number or organizational identification number assigned to it by its state of organization. The Loan Parties agree not to effect or permit any change referred to in the preceding sentence unless all filings have been made under the UCC or otherwise that are required in order for the Collateral Agent to continue at all times following such change to have a valid, legal and perfected first priority security interest in all the Collateral for its own benefit and the benefit of the other Credit Parties.

  • Information Regarding Collateral All information supplied to Administrative Agent by or on behalf of any Loan Party with respect to any of the Collateral (in each case taken as a whole with respect to any particular Collateral) is accurate and complete in all material respects.

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