Tape Sample Clauses

Tape. The Company shall furnish to the Purchaser all available computer or like records requested by the Purchaser reflecting the status of payments, balances and other pertinent information with respect to the Mortgage Loans as of the related Servicing Transfer Date (including, without limitation, (i) master file, (ii) escrow file, (iii) payee file, which includes comprehensive tax and insurance information identifying payee, payee address, next payment due date, next amount payable and policy number/parcel number, (iv) ARM master file, (v) ARM history, and (vi) all HMDA data required by the Agencies). Such records shall include magnetic tapes reflecting all computer files maintained on the Mortgage Loans and shall include reports in electronic format as specifically requested by the Purchaser;
Tape. The computer tape from which the selection of the Receivables being acquired on the Closing Date was made available to the accountants that are providing comfort letters to the Depositor and the Underwriters in connection with the numerical information regarding the Receivables and the Notes contained in the Preliminary Prospectus and the Final Prospectus and such information in the Preliminary Prospectus and the Final Prospectus with respect to the Receivables and the Notes was complete and accurate as of its date and includes a description of the same Receivables that are described in Schedule I to this Agreement.
Tape. The Client (i) consents to the recording of telephone conversations between the trading, marketing and other relevant personnel of GTJAFX in connection with the Agreement or any potential Transaction, (ii) agrees to obtain any necessary consent of, and give any necessary notice of such recording to, its relevant personnel and (iii) agrees, to the extent permitted by applicable law, that recordings may be submitted in evidence in any proceedings.
Tape nails, staples, glue, and thumbtacks, etc. are prohibited and may not be used to attach anything to the walls, doors, furniture, trim, etc. of the Clubhouse.
Tape. There is to be no use of any type of tape anywhere within the Community Center; or
Tape. The Company has previously delivered to the Acquiror a tape (magnetic media) on which certain information regarding the servicing portfolio of the Company and its Subsidiaries as of May 31, 1997 is recorded. Such tape completely and accurately contains the list of serviced loans as of such date. The loan characteristics recorded on such tape have been Previously Disclosed, and the information contained on such tape is complete and accurate.
Tape. If System Sites transmit the data by sending the original magnetic ---- tape from the switch, the responsibilities shall be: