Loan Number Sample Clauses

Loan Number. Date of Note: ----------------------------- Maker: ----------------------------- Original Principal Amount: ----------------------------- Date of Mortgage: ----------------------------- Recording Information: Vol. ______, Page ______, Clerk File No. _______, Deed of Trust Records of _________ County, Texas
Loan Number. DW2020030
Loan Number. 12 Maturity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Loan Number. (Space Above This Line For Recorder’s Use Only)
Loan Number. The Seasoned Warehouse Agent hereby returns to the Companies the following documents received by the Seasoned Warehouse Agent pursuant to the attached Letter of Transmittal for the following reasons: DOCUMENT FOLLOW-UP ACTION REQUIRED ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ ____________________________________________________ __________ The above deficiencies should be corrected immediately and the corrected documents promptly returned to the Seasoned Warehouse Agent. Pending such return, you are to hold such documents as bailee and in trust for Texas Commerce Bank National Association, as Seasoned Warehouse Agent and Representative of the Seasoned Warehouse Lenders. If a delay is anticipated, Texas Commerce Bank National Association, as Seasoned Warehouse Agent, must be notified. TEXAS COMMERCE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Seasoned Warehouse Agent By: ________________________________ Authorized Officer EXHIBIT H PRELIMINARY TITLE REPORT STATES A Preliminary Title Report may be delivered for Mortgaged Property located in the following states:
Loan Number. The Lender certifies that the Loan was made on , 201 on the terms and conditions of that certain Commitment Letter dated , 201 (the "Commitment Letter") accepted by the Lender for the Loan.  USBGI has agreed to the subordination of payments in certain situations pursuant to Section 6.11 of the Master Agreement.  USBGI will not subordinate payments in certain situations pursuant to Section 6.11 of the Master Agreement. The Lender certifies and represents to USBGI (a) that the Loan has been made on the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement, as described in the related Application for Guarantee submitted to USBGI, and of the Commitment Letter accepted by the Lender, (b) that it has provided to USBGI copies of the promissory note and all other documentation required by the Master Agreement for the Loan, and (c) such documentation copies are true and correct as of the date hereof. The Guarantee shall be governed by all of the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement and the Commitment Letter. (Lender) By: _ Acknowledged: Printed Name Title: Date: Utah Small Business Growth Initiative, LLC (USBGI) By: President Title: EXHIBIT C FORM OF GUARANTEE LOAN GUARANTEE This LOAN GUARANTEE (hereafter this Guarantee) is made and issued by UTAH SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH INITIATIVE, LLC, a Utah limited liability company (hereafter “USBGI”) on behalf of the State of Utah Department of Workforce Services Division of Housing and Community Development pursuant to all of the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement for Loan Participations and Loan Guarantees dated , 201 (hereafter Master Agreement) and (hereafter Lender). The capitalized terms not defined in the Guarantee shall have the meaning defined in the Master Agreement.
Loan Number. CW2020020
Loan Number. Continued From HUD Form Page 2 Borrower's Adjustments Seller's Adjustments -1305- -1305- XXXXXXX AND XXXXX XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX AND 5,000.00 DELINQUENT TAXES to XXXXX COUNTY TREASURER 2,177.17 EARLY RELEASE OF FUNDS to XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX 10,000.00 ----------------- Total for HUD line 1305: 17,117.17 GRANT, BARGAIN SALE DEED Affix RPTT $ 562.50 --------- FOR VALUABLE CONSIDERATION the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged WARM SPRINGS R.V.PARK, INC., a NEVADA CORPORATION do(es) hereby Grant, Bargain, Sell and convey to MEADOW VALLEY CONTRACTORS, INC., a Nevada corporation all that real property situate in the _____________________ County of XXXXX State of Nevada, bounded and described as follows: "FOR FULL LEGAL DESCRIPTION, SEE EXHIBIT "A" ATTACHED HERETO AND BY REFERENCE MADE A PART HEREOF"
Loan Number. CW2018004
Loan Number. 12 Maturity............................................................................12