Standard Operating Procedure Sample Clauses

Standard Operating Procedure. This Article shall constitute the Standard Operating Procedure for the handling of all complaints and investigations of members covered under this Agreement.
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Standard Operating Procedure. Ruthigen will adopt and follow the FDA-required standard operating procedures to conduct its United States FDA clinical trials.
Standard Operating Procedure. PPD shall conduct the Study according to PPD’s Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”). These SOPs are subject to revision by PPD in which case PPD shall notify Sponsor of revision. If any such SOP revision can be reasonably expected to affect the budget or timelines for the Study, PPD shall submit to Sponsor revised cost estimates or timelines for the relevant Services which will become a part of this Agreement upon written approval by Sponsor. The current SOPs for conducting and monitoring clinical trials are available for review upon request by Sponsor. Upon mutual agreement in writing, the parties may conduct the Study under Sponsor’s standard operating procedures. In such case, Sponsor shall provide prompt and reasonable training to any PPD personnel subject to such SOPs at Sponsor’s expense.
Standard Operating Procedure. The service provider will have developed a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which specifically details the operational delivery of the Minor Ailments Service in accordance with this specification. • The service provider must ensure that all staff working in the pharmacy have relevant knowledge, are appropriately trained and operate within the SOP, this includes understanding when to recommend the service to clients. • The SOP should be reviewed at least every two years or before if circumstances dictate. Each review should be documented and the SOP subject to version control. Staff must read, date and sign the SOP after a review. • The SOP must be available to the commissioner if requested. 4.4
Standard Operating Procedure. As part of the preparation of the final design proposal for each site, the Licensor shall prepare a site specific Standard Operating Procedure (the "SOP") manual for the site. All personnel will be trained according to the standard operating procedure of their respective sites.
Standard Operating Procedure. Section 1. Metro Government has the right to promulgate reasonable rules and regulations, including disciplining Members, not inconsistent with the express provisions of this Agreement.
Standard Operating Procedure. Develop Standard Operating Procedure for this service (template provided by Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service).
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Standard Operating Procedure. The Sheriff agrees that, to the extent possible, SOPs shall be reduced to writing and a copy given to the OPBA Director in advance of their enforcement. While the duty to notify has no effect on the Sheriff’s authority to promulgate SOPs, the newly promulgated SOP shall not take effect for seven (7) days after its initial posting or distribution, unless mutually agreed by the parties in writing. SOPs shall not violate this Agreement. The Sheriff will not selectively enforce SOPs against individual employees. Any disagreements over interpretation of SOPs shall be presented to the Sheriff and processed in the Grievance/Arbitration Procedure. The Sheriff shall provide access to the SOPs, including any future amendments thereto, and shall make the SOP’s available in electronic form for all employees to read; delivery may be made electronically or stored electronically or digitally; portals may be used. The Sheriff will post or distribute changes/additions to the SOPs electronically or digitally; portals may be used.
Standard Operating Procedure. (SOP) The purpose of this appendix is to establish standard, uniform procedures for the implementation and oversight of the 287(g) delegation of authority program within the FOD area of responsibility. This appendix can be modified only in writing and by mutual acceptance of ICE and the LCSO. Pursuant to this MOA, the LCSO has been delegated authorities under the Jail Enforcement Officer (JEO) model as outlined below. A 287(g) JEO model is designed to identify and process aliens amenable for removal within the LCSO’s jail/correctional facilities pursuant to ICE’s civil immigration enforcement priorities Prioritization: ICE retains sole discretion in determining how it will manage its limited resources and meet its mission requirements. To ensure resources are managed effectively, ICE requires the LCSO to also manage its resources dedicated to 287(g) authority under the MOA. To that end, the LCSO shall follow ICE’s civil immigration enforcement priorities.
Standard Operating Procedure. This Agreement provides a template (Appendix B) which signatories will use to support specific information exchanges. The Standard Operating Procedure enables signatories planning to share information to set out their decisions as to:  the types of information, which will be shared.  the method to be used to share that information;  the parties and their contact details;  the purpose and type of event that may trigger the need to share;  the administration/process to be adopted; Each Standard Operating Procedure will have a review schedule with the current version indicating the date for the next review.
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