Signature Authority definition

Signature Authority means the person duly authorized and empowered to execute in the name of the applicant all grant-related documents.
Signature Authority means the legal right to execute contracts and other written instruments in the name of and on behalf of the University and to bind the University to an obligation or promise.
Signature Authority means only authorized individuals can approve a Requisition and/or Change Order. All authorized individuals shall have an approved Authorization on file with the Central Purchasing Office.

Examples of Signature Authority in a sentence

  • Signature Authority The parties signing this Agreement certify that they have proper authorization to do so.

  • Include the Vendor Certifications Form (APPENDIX II) signed by the person named in the Certificate of Signature Authority as the Authorized Representative of the vendor and with “true” checked next to each of the Certifications (a) through (f).

  • Proof of Signature Authority Provide proof that the person who signs this proposal is authorized to negotiate on behalf of this corporation.14.

  • Prior to issuing a Change Order under this provision the DISTRICT Project Manager must document the reason for the Change Order and obtain written approval from all appropriate DISTRICT staff in accordance with the DISTRICT’S Signature Authority.

  • Such approval must be in writing, explain the reason for the extension and be signed by the Project Manager and his or her Bureau Chief, or Director if the Bureau Chief is the Project Manager, unless the DISTRICT’S Signature Authority provides otherwise.

  • Refer to the GSH for Signature Authority procedures and refer to the policy change form in DSSH for Signature Authority statement.

  • Signee (must check current role prior to accepting terms and conditions) Authorized municipal contact using WAMS ID.Delegation of Signature Authority ( Form 3400-220 ) for agent signing on the behalf of the authorized municipal contact.Agent seeking to share this item with authorized municipal contact (authorized municipal contact must get WAMS id and complete signature).

  • Respondent Cover Sheet Must be signed by the individual having Contract Signature Authority.

  • Assurances and Certifications The individual having Contract Signature Authority, as indicated on the Cover Sheet at Attachment A, must sign the Assurances and Certification Document.

  • Additional Required Contractor Signature Authority, Affidavits and Certifications.(a) The individual signing this Agreement on behalf of the Contractor certifies that s/he has full authority to execute the same on behalf of the Contractor and that this Agreement has been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the Contractor and is binding upon the Contractor in accordance with its terms.

More Definitions of Signature Authority

Signature Authority refers to the authority provided pursuant to AURA Policy to either 1) commit the Corporation up to a specific dollar threshold, and/or 2) approve the use of funds from a specific account up to a specific dollar threshold.
Signature Authority means the authority of the designated beneficiary or of a person on behalf of a designated beneficiary in accordance with the ABLE Act to establish and manage an ABLE account.
Signature Authority means the power to enter into and execute (whether by hand, electronic, or “click to accept”) a Purchase Agreement on behalf of the University (including a Department). Signature Authority is granted under the Treasurer’s Delegations, as defined by T97-014 and the Policy.
Signature Authority means the legal right to sign agreements on behalf of the College and to bind the College to an obligation or promise with another party.

Related to Signature Authority

  • Authority means the Oregon Health Authority.

  • Digital signature means an electronic signature based upon cryptographic methods of originator authentication, and computed by using a set of rules and a set of parameters that identify the signer so that the integrity of the data can be verified.

  • Authorised Signatory means, in relation to any Obligor, any person who is duly authorised and in respect of whom the Administrative Agent has received a certificate signed by a director or another Authorised Signatory of such Obligor setting out the name and signature of such person and confirming such person’s authority to act.