Design Professionals definition

Design Professionals means the Architect, the Architect's subconsultants and the design consultants engaged directly by the Design-Builder or Project Co, including engineers and technical experts, who provide services with respect to the Design;
Design Professionals means the architect or other professional contracted with the district to design a remedy.

Examples of Design Professionals in a sentence

  • Design Professionals coverage for new construction work may be submitted simultaneously with final plans and drawings, but before construction commences.

  • Submit a completed and executed City Standard Agreement to Construct Improvements and Retain Design Professional(s) Registered in Oregon.

  • Contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Owner a thorough and complete plan for the management of the Project from issuance of the Proceed Order through the issuance of the Design Professional's Certificate of Material Completion.

  • Within seven days of the date of the Design Professional's notice, the Contractor shall deliver to the Design Professional and Owner a written plan explaining how the Contractor intends to bring the Project back on schedule.

  • If the specifications, the Design Professional's instructions (either in the specifications or issued later in writing), laws, ordinances or any public authority require any work to be specially tested or approved, the Contractor shall give the Design Professional timely notice in writing of its readiness for inspection.

More Definitions of Design Professionals

Design Professionals. As such term is defined in Section 9.1(a).
Design Professionals mean the Civil Engineer, Architect, Landscape Architect, and any structural engineers or mechanical engineers retained by the Company, or its other design professionals, to perform design related services in connection with the preparation of the Design Documents, Development Approval submissions, building permit submissions or any other applicable design documents required in connection with the Project, as designated by MRP subject to Investor's approval (which shall not be unreasonable withheld, conditioned or delayed).
Design Professionals means any architectural, engineering (other than provided through the CM at Risk), or other design professionals providing design, engineering or consulting services for to the Stadium Project.
Design Professionals means, collectively, the architects, engineers, consultants and professionals that perform services related to the design of any Work at the Project or portions thereof, or otherwise involved on the Project to review and test performance of various Project elements or confirm compliance thereof with any Plan Documents, or otherwise to provide recommendations or advice relating to the design of any portion of the Project.
Design Professionals means, collectively, all architects, engineers, consultants, and similar professionals retained by or on behalf of Borrower or its Affiliates in connection with the design of the Project (including the Architect), all of which shall be licensed professionals in the State (if so required by the Legal Requirements) and shall be subject to approval by Lender prior to such engagement in connection with the Project, not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Lender has approved the Design Professions listed on Schedule IV. “Determination Date” means, with respect to any determination of the Applicable Rate Index applicable to an Interest Accrual Period, the date that is two (2) U.S. Government Securities Business Days preceding the first day of the applicable Interest Accrual Period. “Downgraded Counterparty” means a counterparty to an Interest Rate Cap Agreement, or the guarantor of such counterparty’s obligations under an Interest Rate Cap Agreement that has a long-term unsecured debt rating of “A-“ or lower by S&P and “A3” or lower from Moody’s. “Draw Request” has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.5(a) hereof. “EEA Financial Institution” means (a) any credit institution or investment firm established in any EEA Member Country which is subject to the supervision of an EEA Resolution Authority; (b) any entity established in an EEA Member Country which is a parent of an institution described in clause (a) of this definition, or (c) any financial institution established in an EEA Member Country which is a subsidiary of an institution described in clauses (a) or (b) of this definition and is subject to consolidated supervision with its parent. “EEA Member Country” means any of the member states of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. “EEA Resolution Authority” means any public administrative authority or any person entrusted with public administrative authority of any EEA Member Country (including any delegee) having responsibility for the resolution of any EEA Financial Institution. “Eligible Account” means a separate and identifiable account from all other funds held by the holding institution that is either (a) an account or accounts maintained with a federal or state-chartered depository institution or trust company which complies with the definition of Eligible Institution or (b) a
Design Professionals means the Persons contracted by the Design Architect to design the Project Improvements.