Settlement and Sample Clauses

Settlement and. Compromise The classification and treatment of Claims under the Plan shall settle and compromise the respective contractual, legal, and equitable subordination rights of such Claims, and any such rights shall be released pursuant to the Plan. Restructuring Transactions The Confirmation Order shall be deemed to authorize, among other things, all actions as may be necessary or appropriate, consistent with the RSA (including the applicable consent rights set forth therein), to effect any transaction described in, approved by, contemplated by, or necessary to effectuate the Plan. The Debtors may through the Restructuring Transactions streamline or simplify their organizational structure including by dissolving or merging certain entities with the consent of the Company Parties and the Required Consenting First Lien Creditors.
Settlement and. Compromise The Plan shall contain and effect a compromise and settlement (the “Settlement”) of all Estate Causes of Action and all Transferred Guarantor Claims pursuant to section 1123(b)(3) and Rule 9019 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, subject to the processes set forth below under the section below entitledSettlement Procedures” if any such processes are deemed necessary. In consideration for the release and waiver of the Estate Causes of Action and the Transferred Guarantor Claims, the Plan shall provide as follows: ________________________ 4 Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Bankruptcy Code. Avoidance Claims The Avoidance Claims shall include all causes of action that could be asserted against any of the Debtors or any non-Debtor by another Debtor, pursuant to chapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code, including, but not limited to, claims to avoid the following: The guarantee by Holdings of the Luxco Notes; The subordination to the Luxco Notes obligations of a $644 million (plus accrued interest) payable (the “Capital Note”) owed by Luxco to Capco; Holdings’ release and/or transfer of approximately $900 million of intercompany receivables, including approximately $614 million of receivables that were owed to it by Nextel Telecomunicações Ltda. and transferred to Luxco on or about February 28, 2013; and The release by Services and Holdings of approximately $93 million in intercompany receivables owed to them by Nextel del Peru S.A. The Settlement will result in the recoveries to creditors of the various Debtors being calculated as if 25% of each of the foregoing transfers was avoided. Such recoveries pursuant to the Settlement will be in full satisfaction of any and all potential recoveries that could have been included as part of the Avoidance Claims, regardless of whether such claims are identified above or have been asserted. Recharacterization of Intercompany Claims (other than the Capital Note) Pursuant to the Settlement, the recoveries to creditors of the various Debtors will be calculated as if 25% of each of the intercompany obligations existing between a Debtor and another Debtor or between a non-Debtor subsidiary of the Company and a Debtor outstanding as of the commencement of the Chapter 11 Cases (the “Petition Date”) are recharacterized as equity, with the remaining 75% of such obligations treated as unsecured debts against the obligors of such intercompany obligatio...

Related to Settlement and

  • Settlement Payments On the first Business Day of each month ("Interest Settlement Date"), Collateral Agent will advise each Lender by telephone, fax or telecopy of the amount of such Lender's share of interest and fees on each of the Loans as of the end of the last day of the immediately preceding month. Provided that such Lender has made all payments required to be made by it under this Agreement, Collateral Agent will pay to such Lender, by wire transfer to such Lender's account (as specified by such Lender on the signature page of this Agreement or the applicable Assignment and Acceptance Agreement, as amended by such Lender from time to time after the date hereof or in the applicable Assignment and Acceptance Agreement) not later than 3:00 p.m. Chicago time on the next Business Day following the Interest Settlement Date, such Lender's share of interest and fees on each of the Loans. Such Lender's share of interest on each Loan will be calculated for that Loan by adding together the Daily Interest Amounts for each calendar day of the prior month for that Loan and multiplying the total thereof by the Interest Ratio for that Loan. Such Lender's share of the Unused Line Fee described in subsection 2.3(A) shall be an amount equal to (a)(i) such Lender's average Revolving Loan Commitment during such month, less (ii) the sum of (x) such Lender's average Daily Loan Balance of the Revolving Loans, plus (y) such Lender's Pro Rata Share of the average daily aggregate amount of Letter of Credit Reserve, in each case for the preceding month, multiplied by (b) the percentage required by subsection 2.3(A). Such Lender's share of all other fees paid to Collateral Agent for the benefit of Lenders hereunder shall be paid and calculated based on such Lender's Commitment with respect to the Loans on which such fees are associated. To the extent Collateral Agent does not receive the total amount of any fee owing by Borrowers under this Agreement, each amount payable by Collateral Agent to a Lender under this subsection 9.8(A)(4) with respect to such fee shall be reduced on a pro rata basis. The Collateral Agent and the Lenders hereby acknowledge and agree that in no event shall the aggregate fee payments received by such Lenders pursuant to this subsection 9.8(A)(4) exceed the total amount of fees pursuant to subsection 2.3.

  • Settlement Payment If the resulting net amount is positive, it shall be payable by the Defaulting Party to the Non-Defaulting Party, and if it is negative, then the absolute value of such amount shall be payable by the Non-Defaulting Party to the Defaulting Party.

  • Settlement It is agreed that each Lender’s funded portion of the Advances is intended by the Lenders to equal, at all times, such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the outstanding Advances. Such agreement notwithstanding, Agent, Swing Lender, and the other Lenders agree (which agreement shall not be for the benefit of Borrower) that in order to facilitate the administration of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, settlement among the Lenders as to the Advances, the Swing Loans, and the Protective Advances shall take place on a periodic basis in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Settlement Amount If an Event of Default with respect to a Defaulting Party shall have occurred and be continuing, the Non-Defaulting Party (in the case of an Event of Default by the Company, each BGS-CIEP Supplier shall be considered a “Non- Defaulting Party”) shall have the right (i) to designate a day, no earlier than the day such notice is effective and no later than twenty (20) days after such notice is effective, as a date for Early Termination (“Early Termination Date”) to accelerate all amounts owing between the Parties and to liquidate and terminate the undertakings set forth in this Agreement, (ii) to withhold any payments due to the Defaulting Party under this Agreement, and (iii) to suspend performance; provided however, that an Early Termination Date shall be deemed to occur automatically and concurrently with the Event of Default, without any requirement for the provision of notice by the Non-Defaulting Party, with respect to an Event of Default under subsections “i”, “ii”, “iii”, “iv”, “v”, “vi”, “vii” and “viii” of Section 5.1 of this Agreement. The Non-Defaulting Party shall calculate, in a commercially reasonable manner, a Settlement Amount with respect to the obligations under this Agreement. For the purposes of such determination, the quantity amounts of Energy (including all charges for losses and congestion), Capacity and other services provided for under this Agreement for the period following the Early Termination Date through the remainder of the term of this Agreement shall be deemed to be those quantity amounts that would have been delivered on an hourly basis, had this Agreement been in effect during the previous calendar year adjusted for such BGS-CIEP Load changes as may have occurred since the previous calendar year.

  • PAYMENT AND SETTLEMENT You shall deliver to the Manager on the date and at the place and time specified in the applicable AAU (or on such later date and at such place and time as may be specified by the Manager in a subsequent Wire) the funds specified in the applicable AAU, payable to the order of Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Inc., for (i) an amount equal to the Offering Price plus (if not included in the Offering Price) accrued interest, amortization of original issue discount or dividends, if any, specified in the Prospectus or Offering Circular, less the applicable Selling Concession in respect of the Firm Securities to be purchased by you, (ii) an amount equal to the Offering Price plus (if not included in the Offering Price) accrued interest, amortization of original issue discount or dividends, if any, specified in the Prospectus or Offering Circular, less the applicable Selling Concession in respect of such of the Firm Securities to be purchased by you as shall have been retained by or released to you for direct sale as contemplated by Section 3.6 hereof or (iii) the amount set forth or indicated in the applicable AAU, as the Manager shall advise. You shall make similar payment as the Manager may direct for Additional Securities, if any, to be purchased by you on the date specified by the Manager for such payment. The Manager will make payment to the Issuer or Seller against delivery to the Manager for your account of the Securities to be purchased by you, and the Manager will deliver to you the Securities paid for by you which shall have been retained by or released to you for direct sale. If the Manager determines that transactions in the Securities are to be settled through the facilities of DTC or other clearinghouse facility, payment for and delivery of Securities purchased by you shall be made through such facilities, if you are a member, or, if you are not a member, settlement shall be made through your ordinary correspondent who is a member.

  • Settlement Averaging Period For any Option and regardless of the Settlement Method applicable to such Option:

  • Settlement Consideration In consideration for the Settlement, entry of judgment, and dismissal, and for the mutual release provided herein, HMA and KMA agree to provide the following consideration to the Class:

  • Full Settlement; Mitigation The Company’s obligation to make the payments provided for in this Agreement and otherwise to perform its obligations hereunder shall not be affected by any set‑off, counterclaim, recoupment, defense or other claim, right or action which the Company may have against the Executive or others, provided that nothing herein shall preclude the Company from separately pursuing recovery from the Executive based on any such claim. In no event shall the Executive be obligated to seek other employment or take any other action by way of mitigation of the amounts (including amounts for damages for breach) payable to the Executive under any of the provisions of this Agreement, and such amounts shall not be reduced whether or not the Executive obtains other employment.

  • Settlement Administrator 116. The Settlement Administrator shall administer various aspects of the Settlement as described in the next paragraph and perform such other functions as are specified for the Settlement Administrator elsewhere in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, providing Notice to Members of the Settlement Classes, processing Claim Forms, and distributing payments from the Settlement Fund.

  • Settlement Terms In respect of any Component: