Service Bureau Services Sample Clauses

Service Bureau Services. 2.1.1 The Software associated with the Service Bureau Services listed on Exhibit B will run and reside at the TRX Service Bureau offices located at 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx, XX 00000, or such other facilities as specified by TRX. The Service Bureau Services will be provided by TRX according to WORLDTRAVEL’s specific needs and requests (to be mutually determined and outlined by the parties). TRX will compile the Performance Data and forward it to a person designated by WORLDTRAVEL on a mutually agreed upon basis.
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Service Bureau Services. Except as provided in Section 3.1, there is no obligation hereunder to make any payment to the Partnership where Newgen or any Affiliate of Newgen or any other Person provides any Service Bureau Service using the Licensed Components or Newgen Enhancements.
Service Bureau Services. ADP shall have the right to increase Pass-Through Charges and charges specifically identified in the Schedules as subject to increase, including, without limitation, communication charges and federal, state, and local governmental fees, to the extent that the parties imposing such fees have increased the same. ***
Service Bureau Services 

Related to Service Bureau Services

  • REGULATORY ADMINISTRATION SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following regulatory administration services for each Fund and Series:  Assist the Fund in responding to SEC examination requests by providing requested documents in the possession of BNY Mellon that are on the SEC examination request list and by making employees responsible for providing services available to regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the performance of such services as may be required or reasonably requested by such regulatory authorities;  Assist with and/or coordinate such other filings, notices and regulatory matters and other due diligence requests or requests for proposal on such terms and conditions as BNY Mellon and the applicable Fund on behalf of itself and its Series may mutually agree upon in writing from time to time; and

  • Marketing Services The Manager shall provide advice and assistance in the marketing of the Vessels, including the identification of potential customers, identification of Vessels available for charter opportunities and preparation of bids.

  • Support Services Other than the assistance provided in the Information, the BNPP Entities do not offer any support services in connection with the Software.

  • Red Flags Services (1) The provisions of this Section 3(c) (the “Red Flags Section”) shall apply in the event the Fund elects to receive the “Red Flags Services”, which are hereby defined to mean the following services:

  • Customer Services Provide services and systems dedicated to customer service, including billing, remittance, credit, collections, customer relations, call centers, energy conservation support and metering.

  • Professional Services The Administrator shall pay the fees and expenses of the Fund incurred in connection with ordinary professional services, but only up to the limits set forth below. In the event that the fees and expenses for such services are greater than the limits set forth below, the Advisor shall pay the amounts above such limit unless the expense has been specifically assumed by the Fund per the instructions of the Trust’s Board of Trustees.

  • Services FASC agrees to provide to the Adviser the services indicated in Exhibit A to this Agreement (the “Services”).

  • Information Services The Custodian may rely upon information received from issuers of Securities or agents of such issuers, information received from Subcustodians or depositories, information from data reporting services that provide detail on corporate actions and other securities information, and other commercially reasonable industry sources; and, provided the Custodian has acted in accordance with the standard of care set forth in Section 6 (a), the Custodian shall have no liability as a result of relying upon such information sources, including but not limited to errors in any such information.

  • Transitional Services Seller shall provide to Buyer, with respect to each Specified Business, upon written request from Buyer received by Seller no later than 30 days prior to the Closing Date, such services as may be reasonably requested by Buyer in connection with the operation of such Specified Business for a commercially reasonable transition period following the Closing to allow for conversion of existing or replacement services, in each case to the extent and only to the extent Seller or its Affiliates retains the Assets and employees necessary to allow the provision of such services (“Transitional Services”). In addition, between the date hereof and the Closing, Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with Buyer to assist Buyer in developing and implementing a plan of transition. Buyer shall promptly reimburse Seller for the reasonable out-of-pocket costs and any incremental costs and expenses necessary to provide Transitional Services. All other terms and conditions for the provision of Transitional Services shall be reasonably satisfactory to both Buyer and Seller and subject to applicable Law.

  • Hosting Services GSI shall load the Web site onto server(s) that are connected to the Internet and readily accessible via the Web through use of the Domain Names. GSI shall ensure that the Web site is functional and ready to process transactions in a reasonably efficient manner.

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