Master Services Agreement Sample Clauses

Master Services Agreement. This Agreement is a master agreement governing the relationship between the Parties solely with regard to State Street’s provision of Services to each BTC Recipient under the applicable Service Modules.
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Master Services Agreement. Holdings shall cause the Collateral Rig Operator to continue to be a party to the Master Services Agreement and to have access to the Services (as defined therein) and personnel provided thereunder in order to comply with the performance standards under the Drilling Contract until the stated expiration date of the Drilling Contract regardless of whether the Collateral Rig Owner or the Collateral Rig Operator remains an Affiliate of Holdings.
Master Services Agreement. Effective as of the date of the Conversion, the Partnership shall enter into the Master Services Agreement.
Master Services Agreement. Regency shall have received a counterpart of the Master Services Agreement, duly executed by ETE and Services Co. (as defined in the Master Services Agreement).
Master Services Agreement. This Agreement is a master agreement governing the relationship between the Parties solely with regard to Provider’s provision of Services to each BFA Recipient. Any iShares entity that has executed this Agreement but does not have any funds or series that are receiving Services hereunder as of the date hereof, shall not be a BFA Recipient nor bound by the terms hereof except and until any funds or series of such iShares entity is added in accordance with Section 6.5 at which point such iShares entity and its respective funds and series thereof shall become BFA Recipients for all purposes hereunder.
Master Services Agreement. This MSA sets forth terms and conditions between GTA and Service Provider with respect to services that may be provided by Service Provider to Customers under the GTA Direct Program.
Master Services Agreement. The Trust hereby appoints Xxxxx Xxxx Securities LLC, as Depositor, Xxxxx Xxxx Advisors LLC, as Evaluator and Supervisor and The Bank of New York Mellon as Custodian, Transfer Agent and Administrator of the Series 2 of Trust, and by their execution and delivery hereof, Xxxxx Xxxx Securities LLC, Xxxxx Xxxx Advisors LLC and The Bank of New York Mellon accept their respective appointments. Subject to the provisions of Part II hereof, all the provisions contained in the Master Services Agreement are herein incorporated by reference in their entirety and shall be deemed to be a part of this instrument as fully and to the same extent as though said provisions had been set forth in full in this instrument. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of this Series MSA Supplement and the provisions of the Master Services Agreement, this Series MSA Supplement will prevail. All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Master Services Agreement.
Master Services Agreement the terms of the present document.
Master Services Agreement. During the Titanium Period, subject to Section 6.19, the Chief Executive Officer is hereby authorized, and during the Silver Period, the Board of Directors is hereby authorized, to employ or engage others, including the Administrative Manager, to manage and perform all activities and services in furtherance of the purposes of the Company, including seeking, acquiring and managing various development opportunities or existing retail centers (or any peripheral property), and all other activities and services in respect of the management, administration, leasing, financing, refinancing, development, improvement, acquisition and disposition of retail centers, development opportunities and peripheral property.
Master Services Agreement. The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC will provide services related to communications, technology, office services, personnel and property tax.