Privacy Notification Sample Clauses

Privacy Notification. (1) The authority to request the above personal information from a seller of goods or services or a lessor of real or personal property, and the authority to maintain such information, is found in Section 5 of the State Tax Law. Disclosure of this information by the seller or lessor to the State is mandatory. The principal purpose for which the information is collected is to enable the State to identify individuals, businesses and others who have been delinquent in filing tax returns or may have understated their tax liabilities and to generally identify persons affected by the taxes administered by the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance. The information will be used for tax administration purposes and for any other purpose authorized by law. (2) The personal information is requested by the purchasing unit of the agency contracting to purchase the goods or services or lease the real or personal property covered by this contract or lease. The information is maintained in the Statewide Financial System by the Vendor Management Unit within the Bureau of State Expenditures, Office of the State Comptroller, 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000.
Privacy Notification. Tenant acknowledges that The Regents of the University of California is subject to the California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) and that this Agreement and information collected about the Tenant may constitute a public record of a type that is generally required to be disclosed upon request. The information Tenant provides will be released pursuant to applicable state and federal laws. Individuals have the right to review their own records in accordance without the University policy set forth in Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students. Information in these policies can be obtained from the Office of Student Life. The person/official responsible for maintaining the information contained on this form is the Director of Housing Services.
Privacy Notification. (1) The authority to request the above personal information from a seller of goods or services or a lessor of real or personal property, and the authority to maintain such information, is found in Section 5 of the
Privacy Notification. The State of California Information Practices Act of 1977 requires the UNIVERSITY to provide the following information to individuals who are asked to supply information about themselves. The purpose for requesting the information is to process your on-campus housing contract. Housing Administrative Services maintains the information. Information will be transmitted to state and federal governments for inspection if required by law. Individuals have the right to access this record as it pertains to themselves.
Privacy Notification. Buyer and each Designated Buyer Affiliate shall notify the employees, customers, patients, directors, officers, securityholders and other Persons whose Personal Information is included within the Disclosed Personal Information that the Closing has taken place and Personal Information about them has been disclosed to Buyer and each Designated Buyer Affiliate to the extent and in the manner required by Applicable Law.
Privacy Notification. West Coast Fever respects the privacy of the individuals on whom West Coast Fever collects, uses, discloses and holds personal information. West Coast Fever complies with the Netball Australia Privacy Policy in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Xxx 0000 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). This Privacy Policy is available to view at xxxxx:// West Coast Fever uses the personal information it collects on the Membership Application for the limited purpose of processing and administering your Membership and providing you with information, materials and promotions relating to West Coast Fever, its sponsors and Netball Australia, and will be applied in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. By agreeing to become a Member of West Coast Fever, you agree that your personal information pertaining to your Membership may be disclosed to Netball Australia. Subject to the preceding paragraph, you may be contacted by Netball Australia and West Coast Fever sponsors during the life of your Membership in connection with their special offers and other information about their services and products. If you do not wish to receive any such information please tick the relevant box on the Membership Application or member account at xxxxx:// In some circumstances, you may be entitled to gain access to the information West Coast Fever holds about you. If you wish to do so, please contact West Coast Fever in writing at the address below: General Manager West Coast Fever Pty Ltd XX Xxx 000, Xxxxxxx XX 0000 1300 540 233: 08 9380 3700
Privacy Notification. 1. Privacy Notification information should be presented to each Inmate in MT DOC custody. This will usually be done as part of the Comprehensive Oral Exam appointment.
Privacy Notification. In providing the property inspection and inspection report, information about the client, inspector, real estate professional, and property will be collected and input into HomeGauge inspection software and services, which the inspector uses to produce the inspection report. This informaiton may include personally-identifiable information about the client, inspector and real estate professional. This information may subsequently be used by the provider of HomeGauge, as set out in the HomeGauge Privacy Policy found at xxxxx:// Inspectors may choose to use this information to market new or related products and services to clients. By signing below Client acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the scope of the inspection, has full capacity and legal authority to sign the Agreement, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Client also acknowledges that he/she was provided with a copy of this Agreement prior to the inspection unless prevented by circumstances from doing so. Service Description Price {INSPECTION TYPE} {BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF INSPECTION SERVICES RENDERED} {INSPECITON COST} Client Signature: Date: ATTACHMENTS: Exhibit A – WAC-408C,
Privacy Notification. Promptly after the Closing Date, the Buyer Parties or Seller will send a communication, the form and content of which will be agreed by the Parties, to all customers of the Business notifying them of the consummation of the sale of the Transferred Assets and Assumed Liabilities to Buyer. In addition, if Buyer intends to use customer information for purposes other than those necessary to provide services to such customers in accordance with the Assumed Contracts (e.g., marketing) (collectively, “Secondary Purposes”), the Buyer Parties shall (i) notify the customer (which notification may be included in an initial communication from Parent), and (ii) provide such customer with notice of Parent’s privacy policy, which policy shall include a description of how Parent uses or intends to use the customer information, including information regarding Parent’s practices with respect to sharing and disclosure of customer information with or to third parties. Such customer shall have the opportunity to opt out of (x) any further use of such customer’s information for Secondary Purposes and (y) any sharing or disclosure of such customer’s information with any third parties for Secondary Purposes. The communication will be sent with sufficient advance notice to enable the customer to opt out prior to any sharing or disclosure with or to any third parties of the customer’s information for Secondary Purposes. Nothing in this Section 5.19 shall prohibit the Buyer Parties from using or disclosing customer information required by legal requirements.
Privacy Notification. (a) Following the Closing Date, Buyer shall or shall cause the Affiliated Buyers to notify the individual employees, suppliers, customers, and other individual Persons whose Personal Information is included within the Disclosed Personal Information that the Closing has taken place and that Personal Information about them has been or may have been disclosed to Buyer, as required under applicable Privacy Laws.