Competitive Procurement definition

Competitive Procurement means a set of procedures for developing a procurement contract through a bidding or proposal process. The intent is to solicit fair, impartial, competitive bids.
Competitive Procurement means a procurement process followed in order to provide an equal opportunity to multiple vendors, whether by invitation or by advertisement to the public, to bid on a contract as set out in a bid call document;
Competitive Procurement means a procurement method whereby all interested suppliers may submit a bid;

Examples of Competitive Procurement in a sentence

  • Only the model bidding documents for National Competitive Procurement (NCP) agreed with the GOI Task Force (and as amended for time to time), shall be used for bidding.

  • Only the model bidding documents for National Competitive Procurement [NCP] agreed with the GOI Task Force [and as amended for time to time], shall be used for bidding.

  • Communication following the filing of a challenge to a Competitive Procurement between the protesting Vendor or the selected Vendor and the Procurement Department, County Administrator's Office, and County Attorney's Office concerning the challenge.

  • Bid Bond/Security: The Procurement Management Department shall determine if a Bid Bond shall be required for any Competitive Procurement.

  • Communication with a Vendor by a Procurement Department employee following Competitive Procurement opening to clarify the Vendor's Response.

More Definitions of Competitive Procurement

Competitive Procurement means and include the processes for competitive bidding, Request for Expression of Interest, Request for Proposals, and Request for Qualifications.
Competitive Procurement means contracting with a qualified response action contractor using one or more of the procedures specified in Rule 62-772.400 or 62-772.401, F.A.C. and consistent with Section 287.057, F.S.
Competitive Procurement means that all procurement transactions, including small purchases, must be conducted in a manner that maximizes free and open competition.
Competitive Procurement means implementing a supply solution through a fair, open, and transparent controlled bidding or proposal process. For example, procurement such as a request for proposals, an invitation to tender, a request for quotes, and a request for prequalification.
Competitive Procurement means a set of procedures used to acquire Goods and/or Services
Competitive Procurement means a Procurement process where more than one Bidder and/or Proponent is provided the opportunity to submit a Bid or Proposal.
Competitive Procurement pursuant to 2 NYCRR § 206.2, means a procurement where EFC has: