Retained Assets Sample Clauses

Retained Assets. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Sections 2.1 through 2.9 or elsewhere herein, the Assets do not include the following (the “Retained Assets”):
Retained Assets. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the following assets (the “Retained Assets”) are not, and shall not be deemed to be, Transferred Assets:
Retained Assets. Except for the Purchased Assets, Buyer is not purchasing, and Seller is not selling, contracts other than the Assumed Contracts, Seller’s accounting records and corporate minute books, stock books, corporate seal, or any of the motor vehicles or other items expressly set forth on Schedule 2.3 (collectively, the “Retained Assets”). Accounting records of Seller shall remain the exclusive property of Seller in accordance with this Section, and shall mean any and all books of original entry, including any register or computer tapes, all journals or ledgers, all canceled checks, payroll records, bank or other account statements, including account statements or reports to or from any vendors, suppliers, film companies, or otherwise, including any correspondence relating to same or to any other items designated as an accounting record hereunder, and including all financial statements, records, tax returns, and all work papers or supporting information relating thereto, including all information gathered or compiled by Seller or Seller’s agents or accountants therefor, or summaries of same, including all disks, print-outs, or other digital or analog, written or electronic recording thereof. The Purchased Assets shall not include any permits that are non-transferable. Seller knows of no reason why any permit issued to Seller for use in its business would not be issued to Buyer for use by it after the Closing, assuming only Buyer is qualified to receive same.
Retained Assets. Anything in Section 1.1 to the contrary notwithstanding, the following assets (collectively, the "Retained Assets") shall be retained by Transferor, and Transferee shall in no way be construed to have acquired (or to be obligated to acquire) any interest whatsoever in any of the following.
Retained Assets. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, the following assets of the Seller are not included in the sale of Purchased Assets contemplated hereby: (i) the cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, chattel papers (including electronic chattel paper), instruments (including promissory notes), all of Debtor’s rights to receive payments from any source and for any reason (whether characterized as accounts, accounts receivable, chattel paper, choses-in-action, contract rights, general intangibles, instruments, securities, notes or otherwise) including, without limitation, Debtor’s right to receive payments for services rendered, whether or not earned by performance or recognized or billed by Debtor, prepaid security deposits on Real Property Leases (as defined in Section 2.10 of the Purchase Agreement) and all other prepaid charges, deposits or prepaid expenses related to the Purchased Assets, (ii) the Purchase Price (as hereinafter defined) and the other rights of the Seller under or relating to this Agreement, (iii) the corporate minute books, stock records, qualification to conduct business as a foreign corporation, and other documents relating to the formation, maintenance or existence as a corporation of the Seller, except that Seller agrees that it will provide copies of any such document from the corporate minute books as reasonably requested by the Buyer which the Buyer believes are necessary for the use and operation of the Purchased Assets after the Effective Date, (iv) motor vehicles, (v) all properties, rights, assets and services related to the conduct of Seller’s business at all of its other offices nationwide and all information, documents and files relative thereto; and (vi) all properties, rights, assets and services related to the conduct of Seller’s business at any of its other offices and locations throughout the United States.
Retained Assets. The Company will retain ownership of only the following assets (collectively, the “Retained Assets”):
Retained Assets. For purposes of this Agreement, “Retained Assets” shall mean all of the following Assets of Parent or any other member of the Parent Group as of the Effective Time:
Retained Assets. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1.1, the Purchased Assets shall not include any of the following (the “Retained Assets”):