Ramp Sample Clauses

Ramp. Ramp is defined as any required FTE increase necessary to accommodate work volume growth of greater than [**] of the volume in the peak [**] of the prior [**].
Ramp. 6.1., 6.2.1., 6.2.2. (a), 6.2.3. (on request), 6.3., 6.4.1.(b)., 6.4.3., 6.4.4., 6.4.5., 6.4.6. (a)(b), 6.4.7., 6.4.8., 6.4.9., 6.4.12., 6.5.1. (on request), 6.6.1., 6.7.1.
Ramp. The Parties agree that during the first twelve (12) months of the Service Term specified in the Service Order, the Customer may gradually implement Seats as it ramps up its business (“Ramp”). Customer acknowledges and agrees that this Ramp will expire at the end of the initial twelve (12) months of the Service Term and upon expiry of the Ramp, the Customer is responsible for the Minimum Commitment for Seats as described below. Minimum Commitment for Seats – Upon expiry of the Ramp period, the Customer commits to pay Allstream a minimum of 75% of the contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue (“MRC”) as specified in the Service Order during the remaining months of the Service Term or Renewal Term whether or not the Customer has implemented 75% of the Seats specified in the Service Order. For further clarity, if after the Ramp period the Customer deactivates Seats during the Service Term or Renewal Term and the total MRC for the remaining active Seats falls below the Minimum Commitment, Allstream shall continue to invoice the Customer and the Customer shall continue to pay for 75% of the contracted MRC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Customer has contracted for less than 50 (fifty) seats, the Customer commits to paying Allstream 100% of the contracted MRC TERMINATION: If the Customer terminates the MSA and/or any contracted Services covered by this MSA without cause, or if Allstream terminates the MSA and/or the contracted Services with cause, the Customer shall pay Allstream an amount equal to 75% of total MRC for the remaining months in the Service Term or Renewal Term.
Ramp. 6.1., 6.2.1., 6.2.2. (a), 6.2.3. (on request at ad hoc rate), 6.3., 6.4.3., 6.4.4., 6.4.5., 6.4.6. (a)(b), 6.4.7., 6.4.8., 6.4.9., 6.4.12., 6.5.1. (on request at ad hoc rate), 6.6.1., 6.7.1.
Ramp. The section of the dock that connects the floating portion of the dock to the shore (some docks may be on feet or wheels).
Ramp. Construction of RCC ramp 3’.3” wide , length as per site condition finished with antiskid flooring & hand grilling on both side up to 3’.0”
Ramp. 6.2.3. (on recharge); 6.3.1.; 6.3.2.; 6.5.1. (on recharge); 6.7.1. a, d, e (on recharge)
Ramp. Compaq: Ramp Networks, Inc. Compaq Computer Corporation 3180 De La Cruz Blvd. P.O. Box 692000 Suite 200 20555 S.H. 249 Santa Clara, CA 95054 Houston, TX 77269-2000 ATTN.: President ATTN.: Ed Olkkola with a copy to: with a copy to: Venture Law Group Compaq Computer Corporation 2800 Sand Hill Road P.O. Box 692000 Menlo Park, CA 94025 20555 S.H. 249 ATTN.: Tae Hea Nahm Houston, TX 77269-2000 ATTN.: General Counsel
Ramp shall be designed with a running slope between 1:15 (6.67%) and 1:20 (5%). A running slope of 1:12 (8.3%) shall be acceptable only in situations where it is not physically practical to achieve a slope of 1:15.
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