Program Funds Sample Clauses

Program Funds. The total Program Funds issued to ADMINISTRATOR to date shall be reduced from $1,118,750 to $906,387. ADMINISTRATOR shall remit to CITY the amount of $211,866 within 10 days of the Effective Date of this Amendment, which amount shall be deducted from the CITY’s initial CARES Act distribution to ADMINISTRATOR for grants.
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Program Funds. The total Program Funds issued to ADMINISTRATOR to date shall be increased from $2,236,637 to $3,616,637. Source Current Funding Additional Funding CARES Funding $106,884 $0 ERA 1 – Federal $1,330,250 $0 ERA 1 – State $0 $0 General Fund $799,503 $0 ERA 2 – Federal $0 $1,380,000 ERA 2 – State $0 $0 Total $2,236,637 $3,616,637 DocuSign Envelope ID: 2A250887-C352-4978-BFF9-D0968E3273F4
Program Funds. TDHCA shall not disburse Program funds under this Agreement until and unless the actual receipt by TDHCA of adequate federal or state funds to meet TDHCA's liabilities under this Agreement. If adequate funds are not available to make payments under this Agreement, TDHCA shall notify Owner in writing within a reasonable time after such fact is determined. In that event, this Agreement shall terminate and neither TDHCA nor Owner shall have any further rights or obligations hereunder.
Program Funds. Program Funds for the costs of the Project shall be paid to the EDOB pursuant to appropriate invoice by the EDOB within forty-five (45) days of receipt of such invoice.
Program Funds. Funds allocated for each sport will be spent for the benefit of the program and the athletes. Head Coaches will communicate with the Athletic Director in determining use of funds and purchases. By June 1 annually, the Athletic Director and Head Coach of each program will meet to determine materials and supplies needed within the program. The Athletic Director will notify each coach of approval by June 15th annually. In-season funds will be provided based on the needs of the program and approved by the Athletic Director beginning no later than one month prior to the commencement of the season. During the process, should a request for materials and supplies be denied, the coach may take the request to building principal
Program Funds. Monies derived from fees and penalties collected under this Act, appropriations authorized by the Navajo Nation Council for the use of the Navajo Nation Public Water Systems Supervision Program or the Navajo Nation Underground Injection Control Program, and federal, state or other grants to such programs, shall be available solely to the Navajo Nation EPA for the administration, implementation and enforcement of this Act and the regulations promulgated hereunder. Such monies shall be deposited into one of two duly established Special Revenue Funds, called the PWS Fund and the UIC Fund, as the case may be, and shall be expended by the Director for the use of the PWS or UIC Program in accordance with the Special Revenue Fund plan of operation and pursuant to an approved budget. The Director shall report annually to the Navajo Nation Council on the sums deposited into the funds, including the sources and uses thereof. Any monies contained in either of the two funds at the end of the fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund and shall remain available for appropriation as provided in this Section. Subchapter 8. Inspections, Enforcement, and Judicial Review §2581. Inspections
Program Funds. Includes all SBA/SBDC federal funds and all matching and overmatch expenditures reported on the SF- 269 (includes non cash). It does not include other funds under the SBDC umbrella.
Program Funds. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Pan Atlantic hereby agrees to invest (or to cause others to invest) in BioLine an aggregate amount of US$5 million (the “Program Funds”) in order to finance the Research Projects (as defined in Section 2), to be disbursed in accordance with Section 3 below.
Program Funds. (a) The aggregate total amount of all CDBG-DR funds to be disbursed under this Agreement to the Subrecipient by the City shall not exceed the amount of program funds identified in the Budgets (the “Program Funds”). The City reserves the right to reduce the Program Funds if the actual costs, as determined by a duplication of benefits analysis, for performing the Eligible Activities or any other approved activities are less than those set forth in the Budgets.
Program Funds. The Program funds that the Service would allocate to performance of the Activities if performed by the Service (less the salary and benefits of IPA Employees and the fixed costs identified in Subsections 14.B.1 and 14.B.3 above) including: salary and benefits for organizational chart permanent positions filled by CSKT, (including those existing at the time of implementation of this AFA, and positions that may be vacated by Service employees and later filled by CSKT employees during the period covered by this AFA); funds for employment of seasonal employees; funds for travel and training of CSKT Employees; funds to compensate CSKT for time worked in support of NBRC by employees of the CSKT Division of Fish, Wildlife, Conservation and Recreation who are not assigned permanently to NBRC (e.g. participation in the Refuge Leadership Team by the Manager of the CSKT Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation & Conservation); funds for acquisition of supplies and services to support programs, as agreed upon by the Refuge Manager and Manager of the CSKT Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation & Conservation; and other fixed costs jointly identified as being transferred to CSKT in Subsections 14.B.1 and 14.B.3 above; and