Formal Dispute Process Sample Clauses

Formal Dispute Process. Members representing: (i) any one of the three state Participant Groups or (ii) an aggregate of at least six (6) votes, may appeal the informal Dispute by signing and furnishing to the Regional Director, the Program Manager, and each other Member, a written request to initiate a formal Dispute. This request must, with reasonable specificity, identify the issue(s) in Dispute, the relief sought, and any supporting documentation. If such a request is not received by the Regional Director within ten
Formal Dispute Process. If the Parties are unable to resolve issues related to the Disputed Amounts within twenty one (21) days after that Parties’ appointment of designated representatives pursuant to Section 3.15.2 of this Agreement, then either Party may file a complaint with the Commission or FCC to resolve such issues or proceed with any other remedy pursuant to law or equity. The Commission or the FCC may direct release of any or all funds (including any accrued interest) in the escrow account, plus applicable late fees, or reasonable attorney fees to be paid to either Party.
Formal Dispute Process. Formal Disputes will be considered and decided by the Authorized User in accordance with the Authorized User’s Dispute or Bid Protest Procedures. Authorized Users not having Formal Dispute or Bid Protest Procedures may use the OGS Dispute Resolution Procedures as a model in preparing their own.
Formal Dispute Process 

Related to Formal Dispute Process

  • Informal Dispute Resolution Process 1. In the event there is a dispute under this Centralized Contract, the Contractor, OGS and Authorized User agree to exercise their best efforts to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. The Contractor, OGS and Authorized User shall, without delay, continue to perform their respective obligations under this Centralized Contract which are not affected by the dispute. Primary responsibility for resolving any dispute arising under this Centralized Contract shall rest with the Authorized User’s Contractor Coordinators and the Contractor’s Account Executive and the State & Local Government Regional General Manager.

  • Informal Dispute Resolution 13.5.1 Upon receipt by one Party of Notice of a dispute by the other Party pursuant to Section 13.3 above or Section 13.4.7 above, each Party will appoint a knowledgeable, responsible representative to meet and negotiate in good faith to resolve any dispute arising under this Agreement. The location, form, frequency, duration, and conclusion of these discussions will be left to the discretion of the representatives. Upon agreement, the representatives may utilize other alternative Dispute Resolution procedures such as mediation to assist in the negotiations. Discussions and the correspondence among the representatives for purposes of settlement are exempt from discovery and production and will not be admissible in the arbitration described below or in any lawsuit without the concurrence of both Parties. Documents identified in or provided with such communications that were not prepared for purposes of the negotiations are not so exempted, and, if otherwise admissible, may be admitted in evidence in the arbitration or lawsuit.

  • Initial Dispute Resolution If a dispute arises out of or relates to this Contract or its breach, the parties shall endeavor to settle the dispute first through direct discussions between the parties’ representatives. If the dispute is not settled by the parties’ representatives, the parties may submit the dispute to mediation in accordance with Paragraph