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PREVIOUS. Contracts.‌ Other than as specifically disclosed by Service Provider in writing, Service Provider represents that neither it, nor any of its Affiliates or Subcontractors, is in default or breach of any other contract or agreement related to information systems facilities, equipment or services that it or they may have with DIR, the State or any other DIR or State related Entity. Service Provider further represents that neither it, nor any of its Affiliates or Subcontractors, has been a party to any contract for information system facilities, equipment or services with DIR, the State or any other DIR or State-related Entity that was finally terminated within the previous five (5) years for the reason that Service Provider or such person or Entity failed to perform or otherwise breached an obligation of such contract. Service Provider hereby certifies that it has provided disclosure of all pending, resolved, or completed litigation, mediation, arbitration or other alternate dispute resolution procedure involving Service Provider, its Affiliates and Subcontractors that would reasonably be expected to materially adversely affect Service Provider's ability to perform and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.
PREVIOUS. EXPERIENCE‌ The Director of Education or Designate shall determine the initial placement of an employee, upon hire based on relevant work experience and education.
PREVIOUS. Agreements This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements relating to the Loan, including without limitation the Lender Letter of Offer dated June 23, 2015 and accepted by the Borrower dated June 25, 2015 together with the Lender’s Letter of Intent dated May 2015 and accepted by the Borrower on May 29, 2015.
PREVIOUS. PRIVILEGES‌ Paragraph 28.01. Any benefit, privilege, obligation or working condition existing prior to this Agreement not specifically covered by this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and if proper notice is given by either party as to the desirability of amending, modifying or changing such benefit, privilege or working condition, it shall be subject to negotiation between the parties. Paragraph 28.02. The Town shall provide the members of the bargaining unit with a copy of this Agreement.
PREVIOUS. Work Multi-party computation: The concept of general multi-party computation (MPC) was introduced by Yao [Yao82] with a first complete solution given by
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PREVIOUS. Experience‌ When the Employer needs to hire new employees, consideration will be given to applicants who were CUPE members with previous municipal experience.