Previous Agreements Sample Clauses

Previous Agreements. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties and is intended as a final expression of their agreement and a complete statement of the terms thereof. There are no promises, terms, conditions, or obligations, other than contained herein. This Agreement shall supersede all previous communications, representations, or agreements, either oral or written, between the parties.
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Previous Agreements. This agreement replaces and supersedes any previous Partnership Agreement MOU between the parties.
Previous Agreements. CANCELED This Agreement supersedes and cancels any prior Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement between the PARTIES.
Previous Agreements. This Agreement supersedes all prior oral and written agreements between the Officer and Umpqua, or any affiliates or representatives of Umpqua regarding the subject matters set forth herein.
Previous Agreements. This agreement, together with its Schedules, supersedes all previous employment agreements between the Board and the Principal.
Previous Agreements. It is agreed that this Agreement contains the full and complete content between the Board and the Association on all bargainable issues. All prior agreements, including any written and/or verbal commitments, on any issue covered by this Agreement are void and of no force and effect.
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Previous Agreements. This Agreement, and the addenda thereto, supersedes all previous agreements and letters of intent.
Previous Agreements. Executive represents and warrants to the Company that as of the date of this Agreement, he has fully complied with the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement. Executive's obligations under this Agreement are in addition to, do not limit, and are not limited by, Executive's Confidentiality Agreement. To the extent any provision of the Confidentiality Agreement conflicts with the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement control.
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