Plan Benefit Sample Clauses

Plan Benefit. Plan Benefit" means the benefit payable to the Participant as calculated in Article V.
Plan Benefit. The order must not require the Plan to provide any type or form of benefit, or any option, not otherwise provided under the terms of the Plan. The order must not require the Plan to provide increased benefits (determined on the basis of actuarial value) nor require the payment of benefits to an Alternate Payee which are required to be paid to an Alternate Payee under a previous Qualified Domestic Relations Order;
Plan Benefit. Upon the Participant’s Separation from Service prior to the Normal Retirement Age for reasons other than death or Change in Control, the Employer shall pay to the Participant the benefit described in this Section 5.1 in lieu of any other benefit under the Plan.
Plan Benefit. Year shall mean the period beginning January 1 and ending on December 31 each year or as otherwise defined in the applicable Plan documents, Underwriting Guidelines and Participation Agreements.
Plan Benefit. The benefit payable to a Participant in accordance with Article V hereof.
Plan Benefit. If a Participant has a Termination of Service for ------------ any reason including death, the Company shall pay a Plan benefit for each Deferral Unit equal to the Participant's Account for the Deferral Unit, as determined below. Unpaid balances of Accounts of Participants shall be credited with one hundred twenty-five percent (125%) of the T-Note Rate for each Plan Year until the Participant's Accounts are distributed in full except in the event of the Participant's death. After the Participant's death interest shall be credited at the CD Rate pursuant to Section 4.3(b).
Plan Benefit. A. DESCRIPTION OF PLAN The 401(k) Plan is designed to provide eligible employees with an opportunity to increase the value of their earnings and to provide for increased retirement benefits through tax-advantaged savings. Federal income taxes will not be withheld on employee contributions into the Plan. In most cases, state and local income taxes are not withheld, either. Taxes are not payable on employee pre-tax contributions or earnings on these contributions until the money is withdrawn by or distributed to the participant.