Minimum Sample Clauses

Minimum. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, the aggregate principal amount of all LIBO Rate Advances having the same LIBO Rate Interest Period shall be at least equal to $100,000.00; and if any LIBO Rate tranche would otherwise be in a lesser principal amount for any period, such tranche shall bear interest at the Base Rate during such period.
Minimum. The candidate must supply evidence of continuing, consistent scholarly contributions at a level determined by the CAPT, on the advice of the external assessors, to be equivalent to three articles in refereed journals since the last promotion (one of them appearing within the preceding three years of service).
Minimum. The candidate must establish that his or her teaching has consistently been effective, responsible, and academically sound and current over an extended period.
Minimum. The AMR payments set forth in this Article 5 shall be due payable only if this Agreement is in effect on any anniversary date. Notwithstanding any partial surrender or termination pursuant to Article 13, in no event shall the AMR payment in any year be less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).
Minimum. CESSION There are no minimum initial cession limits under this Agreement. The Ceding Company will retain up to an additional [percentage] over its maximum retention in order to avoid trivial amounts of reinsurance.
Minimum. CONTRIBUTION Notwithstanding any other provision in the Employer's Plan, for any Plan Year in which the Plan is Top-Heavy, the aggregate Employer contributions and forfeitures allocated on behalf of any Participant (without regard to any Social Security contribution) under this Plan or a combination of paired or non-paired Defined Contribution Plans and no Defined Benefit Plans which are Top-Heavy, the Employer will contribute the lesser of 3% of such Participant's Compensation or the largest percentage of the Employer contributions and forfeitures, as a percentage of the Key Employee's Compensation, up to a maximum permitted under Code Section 401(a)(17), as indexed, allocated on behalf of any Key Employee for that year.
Minimum. There is an account minimum of $200,000, which may be waived by the investment advisor, based on the needs of the client and the complexity of the situation.
Minimum. PAY Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, no worker shall be compensated at a base hourly rate less than required under State and / or Federal minimum wage laws.‌
Minimum. VESTING SCHEDULE FOR TOP-HEAVY PLANS - The following vesting provisions apply for any Plan Year in which this Plan is a Top-Heavy Plan. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Section 6.01 or the vesting schedule selected in the Adoption Agreement (unless those provisions or that schedule provide for more rapid vesting), a Participant's Vested portion of his or her Individual Account attributable to Employer Contributions and Forfeitures shall be determined in accordance with the vesting schedule elected by the Employer in the Adoption Agreement (and if no election is made the 6 year graded schedule will be deemed to have been elected) as described below: This minimum vesting schedule applies to all benefits within the meaning of Section 411(a)(7) of the Code, except those attributable to Nondeductible Employee Contributions including benefits accrued before the effective date of Section 416 of the Code and benefits accrued before the Plan became a Top-Heavy Plan. Further, no decrease in a Participant's Vested percentage may occur in the event the Plan's status as a Top-Heavy Plan changes for any Plan Year. However, this Section 6.01(C) does not apply to the Individual Account of any Employee who does not have an Hour of Service after the Plan has initially become a Top-Heavy Plan and such Employee's Individual Account attributable to Employer Contributions and Forfeitures will be determined without regard to this Section. If this Plan ceases to be a Top-Heavy Plan, then in accordance with the above restrictions, the vesting schedule as selected in the Adoption Agreement will govern. If the vesting schedule under the Plan shifts in or out of top-heavy status, such shift is an amendment to the vesting schedule and the election in Section 9.04 applies.
Minimum. The candidate must establish that he or she has engaged in continuing, consistent and effective involvement in University governance, non-remunerated professionally-related service to the community, or to professional/scholarly organizations over an extended period, at a level equivalent to active membership on University committees (whether of the Senate, the Department, the administration or the Union) during at least seven of the previous ten years of service.