Performance Salary Schedule Sample Clauses

Performance Salary Schedule. In accordance with Florida Statute, the District has adopted 8 a Performance Salary Schedule for all instructional staff with Annual Contract or Probationary
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Performance Salary Schedule. 1. The Performance salary schedule is identical to the Grandfathered salary schedule.
Performance Salary Schedule. In accordance with Florida Statute, the District has adopted
Performance Salary Schedule. The Performance Salary Schedule (PSS) is only available to instructional personnel on an annual contract. Employees on the GSS or with a permanent status contract are not eligible for PSS. Permanent status employees may “opt in” to the PSS by permanently forfeiting permanent status and assuming employment on an annual contract. A permanent employee may not return to the GSS or regain permanent status. The PSS employee base minimum starting salary is $42,000. Salaries of annual employees on the Performance Salary Schedule below the newly established minimum salary will be adjusted to $42,000. PSS employees are eligible for the annual Advanced Degree Supplement described below and those other supplements in accordance with the provisions of Article 24.3(F). Supplements are not added to or become part of the base salary PSS employees are eligible for promotion base salary increases in accordance with Article 14. Promotion increases shall be calculated on the base salary only, not including any supplement(s).

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  • Performance Schedule The Parties will perform their respective responsibilities in accordance with the Performance Schedule. By executing this Agreement, Customer authorizes Motorola to proceed with contract performance.

  • Annual Bonus Compensation In addition to your Salary, during the Employment Term you shall be eligible to earn an annual bonus for each whole or partial calendar year during the Employment Term, determined and payable as follows (the “Bonus”):

  • Performance Bonus If Employee's employment is terminated by Employee with cause, or by Bank without cause, Employee shall be paid, in addition to the amounts payable under Sections 3.5 and 3.6 of the Agreement: (i) all non-forfeitable deferred compensation, if any; and (ii) unpaid performance bonus payments, if any, payable under Section 4.2 of the Agreement, which shall be declared earned and payable based upon performance up to, and shall be pro-rated as of, the date of termination. Employee shall not be entitled to such unpaid performance bonus payments if Employee's employment is terminated by Bank with cause, or by Employee without cause.

  • Annual Incentive Bonus The Company shall, in addition to Executive’s Base Salary, pay Executive an Annual Incentive Bonus, which shall be payable within 120 days of the end of each fiscal year in accordance with the formula set forth on Exhibit A, attached hereto and made a part hereof.

  • Annual Performance Bonus In each calendar year of the Term of Employment, Executive shall be eligible to receive an annual incentive bonus (the “Annual Bonus”) payable in cash, pursuant to the performance criteria and targets established and administered by the Board (or a committee of directors to whom such responsibility has been delegated by the Board), with a target Annual Bonus of at least 100% of his Base Salary. The Annual Bonus payable to Executive each year shall be determined and payable as soon as practicable after year-end for such year (but no later than March 15th). The Executive’s cash bonus for the stub period of 2017 will be determined in the reasonable business judgment of the Board or another committee of directors to whom such responsibility has been delegated by the Board. To be entitled to receive any Annual Bonus, except as otherwise provided in Sections 5(c) and 5(d), Executive must remain employed through the last day of the calendar year to which the Annual Bonus relates.

  • Performance Bonuses The Executive will be eligible to receive an annual cash bonus at an annualized rate of up to 40% of his base salary, based on the achievement of reasonable individual and Company performance targets to be established by the Company and Parent.

  • Annual Incentive Awards The Executive shall participate in the Company's annual incentive compensation plan with a target annual incentive award opportunity of no less than 40% of Base Salary and a maximum annual incentive award opportunity of 80% of Base Salary. Payment of annual incentive awards shall be made at the same time that other senior-level executives receive their incentive awards.

  • Annual Bonus In addition to Annual Base Salary, Executive shall be awarded, for each fiscal year ending during the Employment Period, an annual bonus (the “Annual Bonus”) in cash at least equal to Executive’s highest annual bonus for the last three full fiscal years prior to the Effective Date (annualized in the event that Executive was not employed by the Company for the whole of such fiscal year). Each such Annual Bonus shall be paid no later than the end of the third month of the fiscal year next following the fiscal year for which the Annual Bonus is awarded, unless Executive shall elect to defer the receipt of such Annual Bonus.

  • Annual Incentive Compensation (a) The Executive shall be eligible to receive annual bonus compensation, if any, as may be determined by, and based on performance measures established by, the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors (the “Committee”) consistent with the Employer’s strategic planning process and in consultation with the Executive, pursuant to any incentive compensation program as may be adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors, based on recommendations by the Committee (an “Annual Bonus”).

  • Target Bonus For purposes of this Agreement, “Target Bonus” means the assigned bonus target for the Executive under any short-term incentive plan(s) of the Company, multiplied by his or her base salary, for the relevant fiscal year. If the Executive’s base salary is changed during the relevant fiscal year, the Target Bonus shall be calculated by multiplying the Executive’s assigned bonus target by the highest base salary in effect during that fiscal year.