Payment Dispute Sample Clauses

Payment Dispute. If a Party, in good faith, disputes the accuracy of the amount due in respect of a Transaction, such Party will timely pay such amount as it believes to be correct and provide written notice stating the reasons why the remaining disputed amount is incorrect, along with supporting documentation acceptable in industry practice. Payment of the disputed amount shall not be required until the dispute is resolved. In the event the Parties are unable to resolve such dispute, either Party may pursue any remedy available at law or in equity to enforce its rights pursuant to this Agreement. In the event that it is determined that the Party that is disputing the amount due must pay the disputed amount, then such Party shall pay interest in accordance with Section 4.4 on such disputed amount from and including the originally scheduled Payment Due Date to, but excluding the date paid.
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Payment Dispute. In the event that any Party disputes any amount payable hereunder, such amount shall be placed into a segregated escrow account as security for amounts in dispute until such time as the dispute is fully and finally resolved. Interest on such escrowed amount shall be paid to the prevailing Party in the dispute. Each Party agrees to cooperate in good faith in establishing an escrow account with an independent escrow agent for the purposes of this provision.
Payment Dispute. You will notify us immediately if there is any issue with your invoice. We will not suspend the Services while you are disputing the applicable charges reasonably and in good faith and are cooperating diligently to resolve the dispute.
Payment Dispute. The following provisions shall apply where one Party disputes in good faith that it owes an amount to the other Party, which the other Party claims is payable under this Agreement:
Payment Dispute. Institution will have thirty (30) days from the receipt of final payment to dispute any payment discrepancies during the course of the Study.
Payment Dispute. No invoice will be processed if there is a dispute between UNM and the Contractor as to the current or cumulative services provided.
Payment Dispute. In the event of a billing dispute between SCE and the Interconnection Customer, SCE shall continue to perform the Work under this Agreement as long as the Interconnection Customer: (i) continues to make all payments not in dispute; and (ii) pays to SCE or into an independent escrow account the portion of the invoice in dispute, pending resolution of such dispute. If the Interconnection Customer fails to meet these two requirements for continuation of service, then SCE may invoke remedies in Section 2.3. Within thirty (30) Calendar Days after the resolution of the dispute, the Party that owes money to the other Party shall pay the amount due with interest calculated in accordance with the methodology set forth in FERC's Regulations at 18 C.F.R. § 35.19a(a)(2)(iii).
Payment Dispute. In order to dispute an invoice, or any part thereof, the State shall, within 60 days of receipt of the invoice, set forth in writing the amount(s) disputed and the specific basis or reason for the dispute, which shall be reasonably detailed and not general or speculative in nature. The State may withhold payment of the disputed amount(s) of the invoice, and shall remit to Contractor the undisputed amount(s), if any, in accordance with the payment provisions established. Contractor shall comply with the invoice submission procedures set forth in Section 1 (Invoicing) of Attachment B. The Contractor shall respond within 45 days of receiving the Payment Dispute Notice with any requested information or documentation. In the event that a contractor does not act within the response period, the dispute will be resolved in favor of the State.
Payment Dispute. In the event Journey disputes a payment due to Blu hereunder in good faith, Journey shall pay the undisputed portion during the time period required herein and the parties shall work together in good faith to resolve such dispute.
Payment Dispute. After any delivery of a Payment Summary under paragraph (a) above and also after any notice from the Stockholder Representative that a Payment Summary that was required to be delivered by the Agreement has not yet been delivered (each, a “Payment Summary Omission”), HoldCo will provide to the Stockholder Representative and its accountants and advisers, after executing a reasonable confidentiality agreement, reasonable access to the books and records of HoldCo, solely for the purpose of reviewing HoldCo’s calculation of the amounts of Post-Closing Payments covered by the applicable Payment Summary. HoldCo also shall cause such personnel to reasonably cooperate with and respond to the Stockholder Representative’s reasonable inquiries. Any such reviews will be conducted at the expense of the Stockholder Representative, unless HoldCo agrees that the results of such review reveal an underpayment of more than 5.0% for any calendar year that is the subject of the review, in which case HoldCo will promptly reimburse the Stockholder Representative for the reasonable and documented costs of such review.