Path Sample Clauses

Path. Path will ship Products from its own warehouses to fill orders submitted to it by Rockford and will follow Rockford's established procedures for confirming to Rockford the quantities and dates of shipment (including submission of entries to Rockford's information systems) so that Rockford can timely invoice its Dealers. Path will not make any independent sales of the Products, but will:
Path. The connectivity in SEA-ME-WE 3 between any two Cable System Interfaces, independent of the actual physical links used to connect these Cable System Interfaces.
Path. The ‘path’-field should contain the HTML-File name that was automatically generated by the SpiderControl Editor. If this file is stored in a subdirectory relatively to the webservers root directory, this path information should be added here. Please use ‘/’ as separator. Do not show… If you select this checkbox, the above dialog will not appear the next time that you start the MicroBrowser. All the above configurations will be stored in a XML-file that is located in the working directory of the MicroBrowser. If you need to change the settings later, but the checkbox was already set before, this file can be edited with an editor or this dialog can be reopened with the shortcut ‘SHIFT-o’. XML Configuration File‌‌‌ It is essential that the MicroBrowser can write, open and modify this file on the local file-system. The XML-File is called uBrowser.XML and is located in the installation directory of the MicroBrowser_CE.exe. The file can be edited with any ASCII-text editor. The contents of this file is as follows (contents may vary): 10 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> 11 <uBrowser> 12 <!--Configuration file of the micro-browser--> 13 <version>116</version> 14 <start_page></start_page> 15 <log_file>uBrowser.log</log_file> 16 <proxy_host></proxy_host> 17 <proxy_port>80</proxy_port> 18 <vpi_user></vpi_user>
Path. Country National Immunization Program Introductions Of Rotavirus Vaccine. 2012. ( Introduction- Interactive-Spreadsheet_EN.pdf). (Accessed January 13, 2013).
Path. The connectivity in China-US CN between any two Cable Network Interfaces, independent of the actual links used to connect these Cable Network Interfaces. The Paths are as follows:
Path. The connectivity in the APCN 2 between any two Network Interfaces which is independent of the actual physical links used to connect these Network Interfaces.
Path. 1 shall, unless and until the Certificate is amended to reduce the Conversion Price of the Series B Preferred Stock to the initial Warrant Shares exercise price or lower, or until by operation of the Certificate as it stands the Conversion Price is reduced to the initial Warrant Shares exercise price or lower, treat (as to CC) the Conversion Price as being the initial Warrant Shares exercise price in the following manner: when and if CC converts any of its Series B Preferred Stock in accordance with the Certificate), then, if (i) the number of new shares of Path 1 Common Stock issued in such conversion is less than (ii) the number of new shares of Path 1 Common Stock which would have been issued to CC upon conversion of the same number of shares of Series B Preferred Stock if the Conversion Price in the Certificate were the initial Warrant Shares exercise price, then Path 1 shall promptly also issue to CC that exact number of new shares of Path 1 Common Stock that equals the difference between (i) above and (ii) above (all subject to adjustments for any stock splits, reverse stock splits, stock dividends on or recapitalizations of the Series B Preferred Stock).
Path. PATH is a non-profit with substantial funding from the Gates Foundation active in global vaccines initiatives. I am a consultant to PATH in regard to their initiative to secure a new vaccine for epidemic Group A meningitis in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project is a priority for GAVI and is joint between PATH, The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I am both a technical advisor and a member of the committee negotiating with potential manufacturers. There are no regularly scheduled meetings of the meningitis task force. I believe my role will essentially end once PATH issues a contract.

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  • Workloads (a) The parties agree that patient care is enhanced if concerns relating to professional practice, patient acuity, fluctuating workloads and fluctuating staffing are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

  • Technology Upgrades 42.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, CenturyLink may deploy, upgrade, migrate and maintain its network at its discretion. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit CenturyLink’s ability to modify its network through the incorporation of new equipment or software or otherwise. CLEC shall be solely responsible for the cost and activities associated with accommodating such changes in its own network.

  • Synchronization The Licensor hereby grants limited synchronization rights for One (1) music video streamed online (Youtube, Vimeo, etc..) for up to 500,000 non-monetized video streams on all total sites. A separate synchronisation license will need to be purchased for distribution of video to Television, Film or Video game.

  • Interface A defined set of transmission facilities that separate Load Zones and that separate the NYCA from adjacent Control Areas. Investor-Owned Transmission Owners. A Transmission Owner that is owned by private investors. At the present time these include: Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., New York State Electric & Gas Corporation, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation.

  • Workload An employee who believes that her workload is unsafe or consistently excessive shall discuss the problem with her immediate supervisor. If the problem is not resolved in this discussion, the employee may seek a remedy by means of the grievance procedure. If the matter is not resolved in the grievance procedure, it may be referred to troubleshooter who shall:

  • Scope of Interconnection Service 1.3.1 The NYISO will provide Energy Resource Interconnection Service to Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection.

  • Network Interconnection Architecture NEN may interconnect with GTE on its network at any of the minimum Currently Available points required by the FCC. Interconnection at additional points will be reviewed on an individual case basis. Where the Parties mutually agree following a Bona Fide Request (BFR) to directly interconnect their respective networks, interconnection will be as specified in the following subsections. Based on the configuration, the installation time line will vary considerably, however, GTE will work with NEN in all circumstances to install IPs within 120 calendar days absent extenuating circumstances. Internetwork connection and protocol must be based on industry standards developed consistent with Section 256 of the Act.

  • Architecture The Private Improvements shall have architectural features, detailing, and design elements in accordance with the Project Schematic Drawings. All accessory screening walls or fences shall use the same primary material, color, and detailing as on the Private Improvements.

  • Outages Outage Authority and Coordination. Interconnection Customer and Transmission Owner may each in accordance with Good Utility Practice in coordination with the other Party and Transmission Provider remove from service any of its respective Interconnection Facilities, System Protection Facilities, Network Upgrades, System Protection Facilities or Distribution Upgrades that may impact the other Party’s facilities as necessary to perform maintenance or testing or to install or replace equipment. Absent an Emergency Condition, the Party scheduling a removal of such facility(ies) from service will use Reasonable Efforts to notify one another and schedule such removal on a date and time mutually acceptable to the Parties. In all circumstances, any Party planning to remove such facility(ies) from service shall use Reasonable Efforts to minimize the effect on the other Parties of such removal.

  • Signaling Each Party will provide the other Party with access to its databases and associated signaling necessary for the routing and completion of the other Party’s traffic in accordance with the provisions contained in the Unbundled Network Element Attachment or applicable access tariff.