IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY THE PARTIES. The parties agree not to contest or assert a defense to the validity or enforceability of Transactions entered into orally under laws relating to whether certain agreements are to be in writing or signed by the party to be thereby bound.


  • By the Parties This Agreement may be terminated at any time by mutual written consent of Purchaser and Seller.

  • Representations by the Purchaser The Purchaser represents and warrants to the Issuer that, as at the Agreement Date and at the Closing:

  • Role of the Parties Taboola acknowledges that Publisher is a Controller of Personal Data relating to its Visitors. Publisher acknowledges that Taboola shall also be an independent Controller of Personal Data that it processes about Visitors to provide its Services (both to Publisher and to Taboola’s other publishers). In no event shall the Parties process Personal Data that they each collect about Visitors as joint Controllers.

  • Authorised signatories The Authority shall require the Independent Engineer to designate and notify to the Authority and the Concessionaire up to 2 (two) persons employed in its firm to sign for and on behalf of the Independent Engineer, and any communication or document required to be signed by the Independent Engineer shall be valid and effective only if signed by any of the designated persons; provided that the Independent Engineer may, by notice in writing, substitute any of the designated persons by any of its employees.

  • COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE PARTIES A copy of all communications relating to the subject matter of this Agreement between any Issuer or the Guarantor and the Noteholders, Receiptholders or Couponholders and any of the Paying Agents (other than the Agent) shall be sent to the Agent by the other relevant Paying Agent.

  • Notices to the Parties Unless otherwise indicated in this Agreement, all written communications sent by the Parties may be by U.S. mail or e-mail, and shall be addressed as follows: To City: [insert name or title of department contact person, name of department, mailing address, and e-mail address] To Contractor: [insert name of contractor, mailing address, and e-mail address] Any notice of default must be sent by registered mail. Either Party may change the address to which notice is to be sent by giving written notice thereof to the other Party. If email notification is used, the sender must specify a receipt notice.

  • Relation of the Parties No Beneficiary. No term, provision or requirement, whether express or implied, of any Loan Document, or actions taken or to be taken by any party thereunder, shall be construed to create a partnership, association, or joint venture between such parties or any of them. No term or provision of any Loan Document shall be construed to confer a benefit upon, or grant a right or privilege to, any Person other than the parties hereto.

  • RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PARTIES A Party is not by virtue of this Agreement the employee, agent or partner of the other Party and is not authorised to bind or represent the other Party.

  • SIGNED AND DELIVERED BY THE WITHIN NAMED Allottee: (including joint buyers) Please affix photograph and sign across the photograph

  • By the Purchaser The Purchaser hereby represents and warrants to the Company as follows: