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Paris on 17 OCT 1997 ------------------ RHONE - POULENC AGROCHIMIE S.A By : /s/ J P Martinet ----------------------------------- Title : VP Manufacturing Operations -------------------------------- CHLORALP By : /s/ William G. Osborne ----------------------------------- Title : -------------------------------- SCHEDULE 1 - SPECIFICATIONS Schedule 1 will be provided upon request.
Paris. V. Giard & E. Brière, 1909. [first edition 1876] ABREU, Marcelo de Paiva (org.). A ordem do progresso. Rio de Janeiro: Campus, 1990. ABREU, Marcelo de Paiva (org.). O Brasil e a Economia Mundial, 1930- 1945: políticas econômicas externas e relações econômicas internacionais. Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira, 1999. BARRETO, Fernando P. de Mello. Os sucessores do Barão: relações exteriores do Brasil, 1912-1964. São Paulo: Paz e Terra, 2001. BEIRED, José L. B. Sob o signo da nova ordem: intelectuais autoritários no Brasil e na Argentina (1914-1945). São Paulo: Loyola, 1999. BIELSCHOWSKY, Ricardo. BOIANOVSKY, Mauro.
Paris. 1919. 20pp WRC.41.369 Von Ludendorff, Das Scheitern der Neutralen Friedensvermittelung August-September 1918 21cm. Berlin. 1919. 58pp WRC.41.370 Von Ludendorff, Das Verschieben der Verantwortlichkeit 21cm. ib. 1919. 138pp WRC.41.371 Moulton, H. Fletcher, The Business Man’s Guide to the Peace Treaty 22cm. London. [1919]. 94pp WRC.41.372 The Peace Conference – and After 24cm. ib. [1920]. 78pp WRC.41.373 Von Ludendorff. Das Friedens-und Waffenstillstandsangebot 21cm. Berlin. 1919. 80pp WRC.41.374 Syria. La Question Syrienne Exposée por les Syriens 24cm. Paris. 1919. 56pp WRC.41.375 Völkerbund Berichte der Nationalrätlichen Kommission 24cm. n.p. 1919. 114pp WRC.41.376 Taft, Hon. William Howard, League to Enforce Peace. American Branch. Its Proposals and What they Mean.
Paris. 1921. 24pp WRC.41.397 Captain A. Barr Comstock Favours League. Letter to Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. By Member of the Gas Defense Division Chemical Warfare Service
Paris. Pancoucke, 1819), 29-48. The underpinnings of the scientific method as it was understood in the nineteenth century were observation, hypothesis, prediction, and experimentation. See Ronald N. Giere, Foundations of the Scientific Method: The Nineteenth Century (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1973). 7Archives génerales de médecine (Paris: Béchet Jeune, 1823-1850). and 1850 demonstrates that it was exceedingly rare for an edition of any of these medical journals not to include several observations. Again, statistics are helpful; delving into one particular issue of a medical journal can help to illuminate the relative weight of the case in the first half of the nineteenth century. For this purpose, we will examine the individual elements of the October 1826 issue of the Archives générales de médecine. In the 163 pages that comprised this edition of the journal, there were 15 distinct articles (with the 4 book reviews in the Bibliographie section counted as one article). Of those 15 articles, 11 included case studies, leaving only 4 without any observations at all. Within the aforementioned 11 articles, there were 49 separate case studies cited. Statistically, this means that there were

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France (i) Each Underwriter represents and agrees that (1) no prospectus (including any amendment, supplement or replacement thereto) has been prepared in connection with the offering of the Securities that has been approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers or by the competent authority of another State that is a contracting party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and notified to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, (2) no Securities have been offered or sold nor will be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, to the public in France, (3) the prospectus or any other offering material relating to the Securities have not been distributed or caused to be distributed and will not be distributed or caused to be distributed to the public in France, and (4) any offers, sales and distributions have been and shall only be made in France to persons licensed to provide the investment service of portfolio management for the account of third parties, qualified investors (investisseurs qualifiés) and/or a restricted circle of investors (cercle restreint d’investisseurs), in each case investing for their own account, all as defined in Articles L. 411-2, D. 411-1, D. 411-2, D. 734-1, D.744-1, D. 754-1 and D. 764-1 of the Code monétaire et financier, or in a transaction that, in accordance with Articles L.411-2-II-1°-or-2° of the Code monétaire et financier and Article 211-2 of the General Regulations (Règlement Général) of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, does not constitute a public offer (appel public à l’épargne).
Spain The liability of each Guarantor incorporated under the laws of Spain under this Article VII and under any indemnities contained elsewhere in this Agreement shall not include any obligations which would give rise to a breach of the provisions of Spanish law relating to restrictions on the provision of financial assistance (or refinancing of any debt incurred) in connection with the acquisition of shares in the relevant Spanish Loan Party and/or its controlling corporation (or, in the case of a Spanish Loan Party which is a “sociedad de responsabilidad limitada”, of a company in the same group as such Spanish obligor) as provided in article 150 of Spanish Capital Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) and article 143.2 of the Spanish Capital Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital), as applicable. The obligations of each Guarantor incorporated under the laws of Spain under this Article VII shall be capable of enforcement in accordance with applicable law against all present and future assets of such Guarantor save to the extent that applicable Spanish law specifies otherwise. For the purposes of this Article VII, a reference to the “group” of a Guarantor incorporated under the laws of Spain shall mean such Guarantor and any other companies constituting a unity of decision. It shall be presumed that there is unity of decision when any of the scenarios set out in section 1 and/or section 2 of article 42 of the Spanish Commercial Code (Código de Comercio) are met.
Tel No. (___)_________Fax No. (___)_________ NET PAGE 10 NOTICE: These forms are often modified to meet changing requirements of law and industry needs. Always write or call to make sure you are utilizing the most current form: American Industrial Real Estate Association, 345 South Figueroa Street, Suite M-1, Los Angeles, CA 90071. (213) 687-8777. Fax. No. (213) 687-8616.
Ave Funded Debt to Consolidated EBITDA. As of the end of each fiscal quarter set forth below, there shall be maintained an Ave. Funded Debt to Consolidated EBITDA Ratio of not greater than the ratio specified below: Fiscal Quarter Ending Ratio --------------------- ----- May 3, 1997 and each fiscal quarter ending 6.00 : 1.00 thereafter until but including the fiscal quarter ending November 1, 1997 January 31, 1998 and each fiscal quarter ending 5.25 : 1.00 thereafter until but including the fiscal quarter ending October 31, 1998 January 30, 1999 and each fiscal quarter ending 4.75 : 1.00 thereafter until but including the fiscal quarter ending October 30, 1999 January 29, 2000 and each fiscal quarter ending 4.50 : 1.00 thereafter until but including the fiscal quarter ending October 28, 2000 January 27, 2001 and each fiscal quarter ending 4.25 : 1.00 thereafter until but including the fiscal quarter ending October 27, 2001 February 2, 2002 and thereafter 4.00 : 1.00
Norway There are no country-specific provisions.
Generale A. Il Software Apple e qualsiasi software di terze parti, la documentazione, le interfacce, i contenuti, i font e tutti i dati relativi a questa Licenza sia se presenti su memoria di sola lettura, su altri supporti o in altra forma (collettivamente “Software Apple”) Vi vengono concessi in licenza, e non venduti, da Apple Inc. (“Apple”) per essere usati unicamente nei termini di questa Licenza. Apple e/o i licenziatari di Apple si riservano la proprietà dello stesso Software Apple e tutti i diritti non espressamente accordati.
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French Language Services If the HSP is required to provide services to the public in French under the provisions of the FLSA, the HSP will be required to submit a French language services report to the LHIN. If the HSP is not required to provide services to the public in French under the provisions of the FLSA, it will be required to provide a report to the LHIN that outlines how the HSP addresses the needs of its local Francophone community.