ORC Sample Clauses

ORC. A member shall be notified verbally as soon as possible and no later than twenty-four (24) hours of any person(s) other than authorized school personnel requesting to see a member's personnel file. The member may be present, if available, in the event a person other than authorized school personnel is permitted to see a member's file. In the event a member is not able to be present when someone other than authorized school personnel reviews the member’s file, or if a copy of a portion of a member’s file is transmitted to a person by mail, the member may review his/her file to see what information was provided to the individual. If that individual’s name is available, it will be provided to the member. The administration shall maintain a log inside each personnel file indicating what documents were transmitted and/or reviewed.
ORC. Members may be present at this meeting and at any executive session of the Board of Education in which the renewal of their individual contracts are discussed. In such executive sessions, they will be given an opportunity by the Board of Education to respond to any reasons the Board may consider sufficient for non- renewal.
ORC. 3. The employee waives any rights he/she may have or accrue to severance pay either under Ohio law or board policy.
ORC. A majority of the members of the LPDC shall be practicing certificated employees appointed by the RHEA President.
ORC. A retiree’s contract shall expire at the end of its term without Board action to non-renew under Section 3319.11, ORC. If employed in consecutive years, they will move to the next step on the salary scale.
ORC. B. The contract of a bargaining unit member who has completed two (2) years of teaching and are in their third (3rd) year or in the last year of a multiple year contract may not be non-renewed except for gross inefficiency or immorality; for willful and persistent violations of reasonable regulations of the Board of Education; or for other good and just cause.
ORC. B. Whenever a medical leave of absence begins, whether requested or otherwise, it is mandatory that a physician's statement be submitted to the Board. Failure to submit such a report to the Board within thirty (30) days shall constitute a good and just cause for termination of contract.