ORC Sample Clauses

ORC. Order Receipt Date: The date upon which Frontier shall notify Pathnet that Pathnet's firm order request has been received and accepted and any standard interval quote has commenced.
ORC. 3314.02 (E)(4).
ORC. Effective upon consummation of the OMPC-NC Merger, all references to the term "ORC" contained herein and in the Loan Agreement and the other Financing Agreements are hereby amended to mean Oneida Rostone Corp., as successor of the merger of OMPC-NC with and into Oneida Rostone Corp., with Oneida Rostone Corp. as the surviving corporation, pursuant to the OMPC-NC Merger Agreements and applicable law.
ORC as the surviving corporation pursuant to the OMPC-NC Merger, is and shall continue to be directly and primarily liable in all respects for the Obligations of OMPC-NC arising prior to the effective time of the OMPC-NC Merger.
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