OF OPERATION Sample Clauses

OF OPERATION. A. The Association and the Board recognize that strikes and other forms of work stoppage by Eaton Rapids teachers are contrary to law and public policy. The Association and the Board subscribe to the principle that differences shall be resolved by peaceful and appropriate means without interruption of the school program. The Association therefore agrees that during the term of this Agreement, its officers, representatives, and members shall not authorize, instigate, cause, aid, encourage, ratify or condone, nor shall any teacher take part in any strike, slowdown or stoppage of work against the Eaton Rapids Board of Education.
OF OPERATION. 4.1 Cocoa shall remain the sole owner of the Cocoa Health Center facilities and shall be solely responsible for the maintenance and day-to-day operational needs of the Cocoa Health Center facilities and related infrastructure, subject to any lease between Cocoa and CATC or other medical services administrator authorized hereunder.
OF OPERATION. The Employer shall advise the Union at least sixty (60) days in advance of any planned permanent shutdown of its Windsor Casino. The period of notice set out in this Article may be increased if required by the provisions of the Employment Standards Act. In the event of a planned permanent shutdown, the Employer will meet with the Union to discuss contemplated closure with a view to providing a solution to the problem or jobs for the employees involved. ARTICLE CONTRACTING OUT The Employer will not subcontract out any work normally performed by employees in the bargaining unit that results in the layoff of any bargaining unit employee. The Company and the Union have discussed the impact of contracting out bargaining unit work. The Company will meet with the Union prior to a decision being made to notify and discuss the nature and scope of the work the Company is considering contracting out. At such meeting, the Company will afford the Union an opportunity to discuss the Company’s plans. The Company will consider the Union’s requests to perform the work in house, provided the existing employees in the affected classification are qualified and able to perform the work cost effectively in the required time. The Union will be notified of any significant changes to the original work and scope of work to be contacted out as soon as reasonably possible.


  • Statement of Operations d. Statement of Changes in Net Assets.

  • Hours of Operation Tenant will carry on its business diligently and continuously in the Premises and will keep the Premises open for business not less than sixteen (16) consecutive hours each day seven (7) days per week, including holidays. Director or his/her representative may, from time to time, change such required hours of operation, in which event, Tenant will remain open during such revised hours. Similarly, Tenant may, from time to time, request to revise its hours of operation. Such change must be approved by Director or his/her representative, in writing, prior to its occurrence. Tenant may not, at any time, vacate or abandon the Premises.

  • CONTINUITY OF OPERATION Section 1: No Strikes, Work Stoppages or Lockouts Neither of the parties shall utilize any economic sanction to force its position on the other party over any issue. Further, no Employee or group of Employees shall individually or through concerted action, take part in any activity that impedes the operation of the business, except as otherwise authorized by this Agreement. Should any person or group of people participate in any such unauthorized activity, upon notification of such occurrence, the Union or the Company, as the case may be, will direct such person or group of people to resume normal operations and will take effective means to cease the unauthorized conduct. Any employee or group of employees who participate in such unauthorized activity shall be subject to immediate dismissal, unless mitigating circumstances exist that are acceptable to the ERRC. Should either party suffer financial damage as a result of such unauthorized activity, they may pursue compensation for such loss at the arbitration step of the Concern Resolution Process, and the arbitrator shall have full authority to remedy any violation of this Article.

  • Period of Operation OF THIS PART OF THE AGREEMENT This part of the Agreement shall come into operation on the same date as fixed by the Minister of Labour in terms of Clause 2 of this Agreement.

  • Commencement of Operations The Partnership shall not begin operations on its Leases unless the Managing General Partner is satisfied that necessary title requirements have been satisfied.

  • Cessation of Operations Notwithstanding any other provision of this Fee Agreement, each of the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates acknowledges and agrees that County’s obligation to provide the FILOT incentive may end, and this Fee Agreement may be terminated by the County, at the County’s sole discretion, if the Company ceases operations at the Project. For purposes of this Section, “ceases operations” means closure of the facility or the cessation of production and shipment of products to customers for a continuous period of twelve (12) months. The provisions of Section 4.03 hereof relating to retroactive payments shall apply, if applicable, if this Fee Agreement is terminated in accordance with this Section prior to the end of the Investment Period. Each of the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates agrees that if this Fee Agreement is terminated pursuant to this subsection, that under no circumstance shall the County be required to refund or pay any monies to the Company or any Sponsor Affiliates.

  • Continuity of Operations (a) Engage in any business activities substantially different than those in which Borrower is presently engaged, (b) cease operations, liquidate, merge, transfer, acquire or consolidate with any other entity, change ownership, change its name, dissolve or transfer or sell Collateral out of the ordinary course of business, (c) pay any dividends on Borrower's stock (other than dividends payable in its stock), provided, however that notwithstanding the foregoing, but only so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing or would result from the payment of dividends, if Borrower is a "Subchapter S Corporation" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended), Borrower may pay cash dividends on its stock to its shareholders from time to time in amounts necessary to enable the shareholders to pay income taxes and make estimated income tax payments to satisfy their liabilities under federal and state law which arise solely from their status as Shareholders of a Subchapter S Corporation because of their ownership of shares of stock of Borrower, or (d) purchase or retire any of Borrower's outstanding shares or alter or amend Borrower's capital structure.

  • Control of Operations Nothing contained in this Agreement shall give Parent, directly or indirectly, the right to control or direct the Company’s operations prior to the Effective Time. Prior to the Effective Time, the Company shall exercise, consistent with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, complete control and supervision over its operations.

  • Duties of Operator 4.01 Operator shall manage, operate and provide at its sole cost and expense:

  • SUSPENSION OF OPERATIONS Concessionaire shall, at the direction of Department, immediately suspend, delay or interrupt Concessionaire’s operation of all or any part of the Concession Premises for such period of time as Department may determine to be appropriate to protect the Concession Premises and/or public health, safety, and welfare due to the occurrence of hazardous work conditions, emergency conditions, and/or any other cause including, but not limited to, Concessionaire's failure to perform any of the covenants, agreements, and conditions contained in this Agreement on its part to be performed. Concessionaire hereby waives any claim, and Department shall not be liable to any party claiming through Concessionaire, for damages, payment abatement, or compensation as a result of Department's actions under this Paragraph or this Agreement. Department's suspension of Concessionaire's operations shall be in addition to any other right or remedy available by law or in equity.