Obligation to Perform Sample Clauses

Obligation to Perform. Borrower shall promptly and fully comply with all Requirements of Law now or hereafter affecting the Property. Borrower shall notify Lender promptly of Borrower's knowledge or receipt of any notice related to a violation of any Requirements of Law or of the commencement of any proceedings or investigations which relate to compliance with Requirements of Law. At Lender's request, Borrower shall provide Lender with copies of all notices, reports or other documents relating to any litigation or governmental investigation relating to Borrower or the Property.
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Obligation to Perform. 19.5.1 From the date of expiry of the Force Majeure period, the obligations of the Affected Party, under this Agreement, shall no longer be suspended.
Obligation to Perform. The Authority must implement the various material strategies, services, programs, and goals described in the adopted Master Plan, as may be amended.
Obligation to Perform. Contractor shall continue to perform notwithstanding all disputes or disagreements with APS, other than APS' nonpayment of an approved invoice, following notice and cure as provided in this Agreement. Contractor's performance under this Contract shall not be delayed or postponed pending resolution of any disputes or disagreements, except as Contractor and APS may otherwise agree to in writing.
Obligation to Perform. 1. The Supplier will provide Thyssengas with the fuel gas quantity according to the timetable set out in the Individual Contract.
Obligation to Perform. Wherever this Lease requires either party to perform any obligation, such party shall be entitled to discharge such obligation by causing it to be performed by some other person, but the foregoing shall in no way limit, restrict or excuse Landlord's or Tenant's obligations under this Lease or the restrictions on assignment, conveyance or transfer contained in this Lease.
Obligation to Perform. (a) For each Stage, Aurizon Network will perform or procure the performance of the Services.
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Obligation to Perform. Except for payment obligations which shall not be excused or affected by any Force Majeure, neither Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement or shall be liable to the other under this Agreement for loss or damages attributable to any Force Majeure, provided the Party affected shall give prompt notice thereof to the other Party. Subject to Section 18.2, the Party giving such notice shall be excused from such of its obligations hereunder for so long as it continues to be affected by Force Majeure.
Obligation to Perform. Subject to Alien’s agreement to make payments as set forth in Section 5 and the applicable Statement of Work, Tower agrees to engage in performance of Services for Alien. Tower shall have no obligation to commence Services until the applicable Statement of Work is agreed upon and fully executed. Alien shall have no obligation to commence performance under a SOW until the SOW is agreed upon and fully executed.
Obligation to Perform. 1. Subject to No.’s 2 to 3, the Supplier is obligated, during the time period agreed in the rele- vant Individual Contract, to provide the load flow commitment per lot, and to perform the load flow upon a call-off. Thyssengas is entitled, but not obliged, to call-off the load flow commitment per lot.
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