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Nuts. Queensland macadamia nut exporters will benefit from the removal, over five years, of the existing 30% tariff on their product. The industry believes the Korean market, currently $3 million annually, has the potential to rival the much larger Japanese macadamia market.
Nuts. Two recent reviews synthesizing the studies that examined the association between nut consumption and T2DM concluded that nut intake is associated with important micronutrients that contribute to reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and should be considered to be included in the diets of those with T2DM.117,118 Although these reviews did not examine this in relation to prevention of T2DM, other studies did find that soy and nut consumption improved glycemic control and lipid profiles in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome, and almond consumption was associated with improvements in CVD risk factors in those with prediabetes.119,120 Meat/Fish. A higher white meat to red meat ratio is considered ideal by the AHEI, since white meat (fish, poultry) has been associated with lower rates of chronic disease and red meat (beef, pork, lamb), especially processed meat, has been associated with higher rates of chronic diseases.112 Processed meat is associated with T2DM development, 100,121 and a recent meta-analysis determined that meat intake was associated with a higher incidence of T2DM.122 The risk was highest with red meat and processed meat consumption.122 Grains/Cereal Fiber. Higher consumption of whole grains are associated with lower fasting glucose and insulin123 and a high consumption of cereal fiber is associated with decreased risk for T2DM.124,125 Furthermore, higher intakes of magnesium, which is found in whole grains, has also been associated with decreased incidence of diabetes.126 Fat. Dietary fat intake has been divided into two separate components in the AHEI; one reflects the percentage of energy from trans fatty acids and the other represents the ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fat ratio. This percentage and ratio is supported by their individual contributions to coronary heart disease. 112,127,128 In relation to the association of these fats to diabetes, the results for both the role of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids is mixed.129-131 Some studies have found that trans fatty acids have no effect on risk for T2DM,132 while others have found a positive association.133 The AHEI was not designed solely for the examination of diet quality in relation to T2DM, so this component of fat serves a purpose in other diet-disease relationships, specifically cardiovascular disease. However, the association of dietary fat with T2DM is inconclusive and ongoing research will continue to clarify the relationship.
Nuts. Greece is a significant producer of almonds, walnuts and pistachios; the production of hazelnuts is also slowly growing in popularity gradually. Almonds are typically processed in crushing plants. The crushing of walnuts is more mechanically complicated and is usually done manually. Of the annual pistachio production, only a small part (around 10 %) is crushed. The table below presents some basic information about major nut crushing plants in Greece. The following table shows the main nut producers in Greece for different nuts. Table 4: Main nut producers Producer Website Location Main nut processed Agronuts S.A. xxx.xxxxxxxx.xx Sykourio Larisas Almonds Moraiti Bros S.A. xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx Volos Almonds Hedonut S.A. Vathy Avlidas, Viotia Pistachios Petrou Nuts S.A. xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx Agia Larisas Hazelnuts f. Grapes and vineyards According to Eurostat27, Greece is 5th in the EU-28 in the number of vineyard holdings (188,896). The
Nuts. Xxxxxxx Solanellas ( …..hazelnut • X.X. Palau, SA (xxxx:// …..hazelnut • Grupo Xxxxxx, X.X. (xxx.xxxxxx.xx) …..walnut • BIOPIÑON, S.L. (xxxx:// …..walnut • FRUPINSA (Xxxxxx y Piensos Inmaculada SA.) (xxxx:// …..almond • ALMENDRAS CREMADES (XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX E HIJOS S.A.) ( …..almond • PIÑONES LOZANOS ( …..pine nut • BIOMASAS HERRERO ( …..pine nut

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