Cooking Sample Clauses

Cooking. The University will permit cooking only in the designated kitchen areas of the University Housing. In all other areas, cooking is permitted only with University approved appliances. The following appliances are prohibited: toaster ovens, microwave ovens larger than 800 xxxxx, refrigerators larger than 4.2 cubic feet, gas grills, steamers and any open-flame cooking device or heating unit. For a complete list please reference the Residential Handbook.
Cooking. Cooking devices that are open-coil, open flame or gas based, including but not limited to hotplates and butane burners, are not permitted in residence buildings. For use of barbecues, see Section 3.03 Barbecuing and Outdoor Grilling. A complete list of permitted cooking appliances, and some examples of prohibited ones, can be found at: xxxxx:// Residents must be in attendance at all times while preparing food. Permitted cooking appliances may only be used in designated areas.
Cooking. All assignments with kitchens must confine cooking to the apartment kitchen. In assignments with patios, cooking is permissible with a charcoal grill so long as the grill is 10 feet away from any structure and used coals are disposed of properly.
Cooking. Cooking inside cabins is strictly prohibited, except for microwave (provided) and coffee maker (not provided). All other cooking should be done outdoors over campfires and grills (provided) or camp stoves (not provided). FISH/GAME CLEANING Cleaning fish or game is prohibited in or near cabins. CABIN FURNITURE Cabin furniture must remain inside cabins.
Cooking. The University provides working kitchens in all apartments and house accommodations. Public kitchen facilities are provided in select residence halls. In all other areas, cooking is only permitted with a University-approved MicroFridge or similar microwave unit.
Cooking. Cooking is only permitted in kitchens in Flats or in Common Areas where available. Residents must not leave any hot oil or cooking unattended. Cooking equipment such as hot plates, rice cookers, electric woks, kettles, toasters and fry pans are not permitted in Rooms. Barbeque grills and charcoal fluid may be a fire hazard and are not permitted inside buildings in the Village or outside on balconies, patios, decks, Common Areas or grounds without the approval of Village Management, Village Staff and Village Security, which can be withheld at its absolute discretion. When using cooking equipment, residents are required to comply with any signage installed in kitchens. Failure to comply with such signage is likely to set off the smoke detectors. Residents may be required to pay the cost of the fire brigade attending imposed by the fire brigade and/ or Village Management, Village Staff and Village Security if a false alarm occurs because of a resident’s failure to comply with this Rule.
Cooking. It is understood and agreed that teachers and instructors will not required to act in the capacity of cook. Counselors and supervisors will be required to fill in as cooks on an emergency basis. The above is not to be confused with physically being in the kitchen, but rather actual cooking.
Cooking. Cooking food is permitted only in those areas and rooms provided with ranges and ovens.
Cooking. No cooking shall be done or permitted by Tenant in the Premises, except that Underwriters’ Laboratory-approved equipment and microwave ovens may be used for heating food and brewing coffee and similar beverages.
Cooking. Cooking is prohibited in student rooms in the residence halls and allowed only in designated kitchen units or facilities.