Furnishings and Equipment Sample Clauses

Furnishings and Equipment. The District shall retain ownership of any furnishings and equipment, including technology, (“F&E”) that it provides to Charter School for use. Charter School, at its sole cost and expense, shall provide maintenance and other services for the good and safe operation of the F&E.  Leasing; Licensing: Use of the District facilities by any person or entity other than Charter School shall be administered by the District. The parties may agree to an alternative arrangement in the use agreement.
Furnishings and Equipment. The Premises will be supplied unfurnished; however, at a minimum the following appliances and equipment shall be included: stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, toilet, tub, shower, sinks, and window coverings. All such items shall be maintained by the Resident in as good of a condition as existed at the commencement of the Lease, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Under no circumstances shall appliances or equipment owned by Mines be removed from the Premises without the prior written consent of the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Residents are responsible for maintaining life safety equipment, including battery replacement in the smoke detectors as needed, or at a minimum, on an annual basis. Residents are responsible for replacing all lightbulbs in the Premises. All units in the 1800 and 1900 buildings do not come equipped with air conditioning (A/C), however all units in Mines Park do come equipped with heat.
Furnishings and Equipment. When, in the opinion of the Designer, any portion of the Work is in a reasonable condition to receive fittings, furniture, or other property of the Owner not covered by this Contract, the Contractor shall allow the Awarding Authority to bring such fittings, furniture, and/or other property into such portions of the Work and shall provide all reasonable facilities and protection thereof. No such occupancy shall be construed as interfering with the provisions relating to time of completion, or as constituting an acceptance of the whole or any part of the Work. Any furniture or fittings so installed shall be placed in the Work at the risk of the Awarding Authority except that the Contractor shall be liable for damages or losses to such furniture or fittings to the extent such damages or losses arise in whole or in part from the negligence or intentional misconduct of Contractor, Subcontractors, their agents and/or employees, or anyone for whose acts Contractor is responsible.
Furnishings and Equipment. All furnishings and equipment are in an “AS IS” condition. No water filled furniture shall be allowed on the Premises. Any furniture, whether belonging to the Tenant or Landlord, that is outside the rental unit on a porch, balcony, lawn, etc. may be removed at Landlord’s sole discretion at the Tenant’s expense. Additional furnishings or changes of furnishings will not be provided for subletting.
Furnishings and Equipment. For the term of this Agreement, the Charter School’s exclusive entitlement to furnishings and equipment shall constitute those set forth in this Agreement, and those provided at the time of mutual execution of this Agreement. In no event shall District be obligated to provide Charter School any other furnishings and equipment not being provided to Charter School at the time of mutual execution of this Agreement, and not set forth herein. The District and the Charter School shall develop a mutually agreeable written inventory of the furnishings and equipment that will be located at the Site which shall be attached as Exhibit B and is hereby incorporated by reference. All furnishings and equipment provided shall remain the property of the District. Charter School shall follow all District policies regarding disposal of any assets. The existing fire alarm, bell system, clocks, phone systems, and LAN systems currently on the Site will remain for Charter School’s use, and the District’s Maintenance and Technology staff will coordinate with Charter School and Ventura County Office of Education staff on the use and maintenance of the systems.
Furnishings and Equipment. The District shall provide furniture and equipment necessary for use of the Facilities to support the 1,111 students and Charter School staff members in conditions and ratios reasonably equivalent to those provided in District-run schools. As to any portables that the District is allowing Charter School install, at Charter School’s expense, Charter School shall bear the additional expense for any furnishings and equipment in those portables/facilities. Charter School shall provide a complete list of requested furnishings not later than May 1, 2019. District shall review the list(s) but agrees only to provide reasonably equivalent furnishings and equipment. Furniture and equipment may be provided from existing District inventory, and will remain the property of the District. District may move District-owned furnishings and equipment from Xxxxx to Xxxx as part of the transition from the Interim Facilities Solution to the Proposed Long-Term Solution. The Charter School shall return all furniture and equipment owned by the District to the District at the end of the term in the same condition as received, with the exception of reasonable wear and tear. The Parties shall develop a mutually agreeable inventory of the furnishings and equipment provided to the Charter School.
Furnishings and Equipment. The Parties hereby agree that a listing of all furniture, fixtures and equipment that will be purchased, leased, acquired, or received by the District in connection with the Proposed Project is set forth on Exhibit F attached hereto, which shall be updated from time to time. Costs associated with the furnishings and equipment listed on Exhibit F may not be eligible for reimbursement by the Authority. All such costs shall be subject to review and audit by the Authority, and the Authority shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether such costs are eligible for reimbursement pursuant to the Authority’s regulations and policies. All costs associated with furniture, fixtures and equipment that are not specifically delineated in Exhibit F shall not be eligible for reimbursement by the Authority unless mutually agreed to in writing by the Parties.
Furnishings and Equipment. TENANT acknowledges and agrees that it shall be responsible for obtaining, delivering and installing the trade fixtures, furnishings and equipment needed to operate the Leased Premises consistent with the terms of the Lease Agreement. LANDLORD shall allow TENANT, prior to the Commencement Date, to install the trade fixtures, furnishings and equipment, and will work with TENANT to ensure delivery and installation can proceed within TENANT’s timing requirements. XXXXXX agrees to work with LANDLORD to avoid interfering or delaying the build out of the Leased Premises during said delivery and installation of trade fixtures, furnishings, and equipment.
Furnishings and Equipment. Owner understands the need for all units to conform to a certain standard concerning furnishings, decorations, accessories, and other items. Owner agrees that the “Sanibel Moorings Unit Standards Manual” shall be the criterion for conformity and authorizes procedures under paragraphs 5 and 6 in regard to the Owner’s Premises.
Furnishings and Equipment. If the Owner has optionally added this work as an additional provision to Other Conditions or Services (Part A of Agreement), the Design Professional shall provide all required work for design, selection, preparation of Construction Documents and bidding for the procurement of project related furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Related services shall be performed in accordance with the same requirements contained in these General Conditions for review and approval by Owner as indicated for Basic Services unless modified in writing by Owner. Following installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment, Design Professional shall inspect the installation and prepare a list for items requiring correction. Upon notification from the installer that all corrections have been made, Design Professional shall again inspect the site to confirm that corrections were properly done and to authorize final payment for the furniture, fixtures and equipment.