No Shows Sample Clauses

No Shows. DEPARTMENT will not pay the full rate to VENDOR for offenders who fail to attend sessions or meetings.
No Shows. 5.1. Enrolled residents not checked-in to their assigned room by 5:00 pm on the first day of classes will be designated as a no-show and will have their contract cancelled at that time with applicable room, board, and fees applied unless otherwise arranged with Residence Life. No-shows who remain enrolled as residents at UNK are required to comply with the On-Campus Living Requirement. Contract cancellation fees will apply if the resident is enrolled full time.
No Shows. If a limited English proficient (LEP) client, patient or authorized requester fails to show for in-person interpreting services, including in cases of error on the part of the requestor, State, or third parties, an interpreter will be paid fifty percent (50%) of time requested or thirty (30) minutes, whichever is greater. The process for rounding to fifteen (15) minute increments set out in 6.3 will apply. If an LEP client or patient or authorized requester fails to show for any appointment within the series of a consecutive appointment it shall be considered a no-show and the interpreter will be paid thirty (30) minutes.
No Shows. An event or part-time employee who is absent from his scheduled shift and that absence is not allowed by any other provision of this agreement will be deemed to be a "no show".
No Shows. Employees who do not work the required shift(s) will be recorded as such and after three occasions in the one-year period will no longer remain on the list of their Secondary Classification. Furthermore, such an employee will be barred from applying for another Secondary Classification for a period of one year from the date of removal. This will not apply if an employee is off work due to a leave of absence in the collective agreement. The Employer will make a reasonable effort to contact a registered employee with as much notice as possible for available work.
No Shows. A Resident who does not check into her housing by 5 pm on the first day of class of any semester for which this Agreement is in effect will be considered a "No Show" unless prior approval was given. CSB retains the right to reassign the Resident to another room should she fail to check in to her assigned/selected housing by the 10th day of classes.
No Shows. If a team does not show up or does not make an honest attempt to participate, the team will be listed as a “No Show” or “NS” for the raw score on the score sheet and awarded N + 1 point. This includes teams who may be present but display no preparation for the competition.
No Shows. A No Show is a resource who failed to join after being selected. There should be no No Shows.
No Shows. No-Show/Cancellation are non-refundable and will be billed in full, unless Half Moon has been notified in advance of anticipated late check-in.
No Shows. When a Training Partnership Learner registered for an Instructional Course does not attend a Class, Instructor must mark Learner as a "No Show" when completing attendance.