Contract Cancellation Sample Clauses

Contract Cancellation. If a Contract is cancelled, the State reserves the right to make award on another bid meeting requirements, but is not obligated to do so. If the cause of cancellation was out of the control of the Contractor, no penalties or damages will be assessed.
Contract Cancellation. If the Contract is canceled within one year of bid opening, the State reserves the right to pursue an award to the next lowest responsive/responsible Bidder. SECTION 57 PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS GENERAL PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS Product shall be as described in the Price Guides, and shall be the same as furnished to the general trade; meet or exceed USDA, USDC, State, and industry standards and requirements; have a freshness parameter for Authorized Users to have sufficient time from the date of delivery to consume these foods before quality deteriorates; and conform to State, Federal and industry standards with respect to safety. Conformance to standards and requirements shall include, but not be limited to:  weights;  measures;  fill of containers;  drained weights;  contamination; or  condition on delivery. The Contractor guarantees any product delivered complies in all respects with standards and regulations established by Federal or New York State laws, including the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, decisions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and decisions of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Contractor also guarantees any product delivered is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of standards and regulations established by Federal or New York State laws. The Contractor may be required to submit a letter of guarantee from the supplier stating their compliance with Federal and/or New York State laws and regulations.
Contract Cancellation. Only full-time enrolled residents of the University of Nebraska at Kearney (and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, as applicable) are eligible for University housing.
Contract Cancellation. A. Once accepted, a Housing Contract may be cancelled without fee or penalty
Contract Cancellation. 6.1 This SLA is valid for 5 years. The SLA may not be cancelled by the client until the full term has passed or the contract has been paid in full. This SLA will automatically renew annually for a further 12 months from the end date if notice is not given 90 days prior. Once renewed, the same terms apply except as to the Service Charges.
Contract Cancellation. 6.1. Residents must cancel their contract by submitting the UNK Housing Contract Cancellation Form found in the Campus Housing Portal, located in MyBLUE by May 31, 2022, to avoid the cancellation fee (see below) and additional charges. If applying for a cancellation on or after June 1, 2022, and it meets one of the following circumstances, contact the Office of Residence Life at
Contract Cancellation. Contract
Contract Cancellation. DCF may cancel this Contract after providing the Contractor with thirty (30) calendar days written notice of the Contractor’s right to cure a failure of the Contractor to perform under the terms of this Contract. The following are examples of contractor failure that would warrant cancellation: • Breaches or defaults an obligation under the Contract as follows: − Fails to perform any material obligation required under the Contract − Files a petition in bankruptcy, becomes insolvent, or otherwise takes action to dissolve as a legal entity − Allows any final judgment not to be satisfied or a lien not to be disputed after a legally-imposed, thirty (30)-day notice. − Makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors; • Fails to follow the sales and use tax certification requirements of s. 77.66 of the Wisconsin Statutes; • Incurs a delinquent Wisconsin tax liability; • Fails to submit a non-discrimination or affirmative action plan as required here in; • Fails to follow the non-discrimination or affirmative action requirements of subch. II, Chapter 111 of the Wisconsin Statutes (Wisconsin’s Fair Employment Law); • Becomes a Federally debarred Contractor; • Is excluded from Federal procurement and non-procurement contracts; • Fails to maintain and keep in force all required insurance, permits and licenses as provided in this Contract; • Fails to maintain the confidentiality of DCF’s information that is considered to be Confidential Information, proprietary, or containing Personally Identifiable Information; • Contractor violates other state laws; or • Contractor performance threatens the health or safety of a State employee or State customer. The Contractor may cancel this Contract after providing DCF one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days’ notice of the State’s right to cure a failure of the State to perform under the terms of this Contract. Upon cancellation of this Contract for any reason, or upon Contract expiration, each party shall be released from all obligations to the other party arising after the date of cancellation or expiration, except for those that by their terms survive such cancellation or expiration.
Contract Cancellation. In the event a Customer permissibly cancels a Contract resulting in any monies becoming due to either Party, each Party hereby agrees to return the full or pro-rata portion of such amount received by that Party whether prior to or subsequent to the termination of this Agreement and any Party shall be due any amounts due that Party pursuant to the Contract.
Contract Cancellation a. Charterer will be able to cancel a reservation within 24 hours after it is made without any penalties and/or charges. If Charterer cancels after 24 hours, Charterer will lose its 50% of payment made. If Charterer has already paid for add-on options, SAIL LA VIE will reimburse Charterer for these expenses.