Life Company definition

Life Company means AIG life insurance affiliates of SAAMCo and VALIC.
Life Company means an insurer that is permitted to insure only those risks falling within the class of:
Life Company means Corebridge life insurance affiliates of SAAMCo and VALIC.

Examples of Life Company in a sentence

  • The proceeds from such redemption will be paid to the trustees of the plan, or the investing Life Company as appropriate.

  • The service fee shall be paid to the Life Company pursuant to the terms of the Seasons Fund Participation Agreement or any Addendums thereto.

  • The Life Company may reallocate all or a portion of its account maintenance fee or distribution fee to such Securities Firms as compensation for the above-mentioned activities and services.

  • Such agreements shall provide that the Securities Firms shall deliver to the Life Company such information as is reasonably necessary to permit the Life Company to comply with the reporting requirements set forth in Section 5 hereof.

  • Nothing herein shall prohibit the Life Company from collecting service fees in any given year, as provided hereunder, in excess of expenditures made during such year to financial intermediaries for the above-referenced purposes.

More Definitions of Life Company

Life Company means Principal National Life Insurance Company and/or Principal Life Insurance Company, as applicable.
Life Company means a company that is carrying on life insurance business in Australia.
Life Company means an Australian Company that is a “life company” as defined under the Life Insurance Act;
Life Company means an insurer that is permitted to insure
Life Company means a life insurance company as defined in Code Section 816, or its successor provision. “Nonlife Company” means a company that is not a Life Company, “Parties” and ”Parties to the Agreement” means the companies listed in Attachment “A” hereto and any corporation which joins in the filing of a consolidated return as provided in Section 2 below, either by completing a Form 1120, 1120-L, or otherwise. “Taxable year subject to this Agreement” means a taxable year for which a consolidated Federal or State, as applicable, income tax return is filed pursuant to Section 2 of this Agreement.
Life Company shall promptly, upon the Fund's request, reimburse the Fund for any charges, costs, fees, interest or other expenses incurred by the Fund in connection with any advances to, or borrowings or overdrafts by, the Fund, or any similar expenses incurred by the Fund, as a result of non-payment or late payment.
Life Company means a life insurance company as defined in section 801.