Memoranda Sample Clauses

Memoranda. 1. In the event of the discovery of any loss resulting from a defined event, the participant may, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in paragraph (ii) of General condition 6, refrain from reporting the matter to the police but shall do so immediately should the company require such action to be taken.
Memoranda. Where Rent is increased with effect from the Review Date the Landlord and Tenant shall (at their own cost) sign memoranda thereof in such form as the Landlord may reasonably require for annexation to both the original and counterpart of the Lease.
Memoranda. 1. General exception 1 does not apply to this section.
Memoranda. Each Party shall have the right to record a memorandum of any terms and conditions of this Agreement, and each Party shall promptly execute, have acknowledged and deliver any such memorandum as may be reasonably requested by any other Party.
Memoranda. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Policy and the Memoranda, the terms of the Memoranda will prevail. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between Memoranda, the Memorandum most favourable to the Insured will prevail.
Memoranda. Landlord and Tenant will, upon the written request of the other, join in the execution of a memorandum of lease in proper form for recordation. Any recordation thereof and New York State transfer stamps due thereon shall be at Tenant's sole cost and expense.
Memoranda. A. The Board has heard the concerns raised by the Association concerning funding of student rewards. The Director shall issue a directive to building administrators to discuss with their respective staff the allocation of discretionary funds which may be used for student rewards.
Memoranda. 1. First loss average If, at the time of any loss or damage arising, the total value of the property described by each item does not exceed the sums stated in the statement of cover then this cover shall be declared free of average, but if the total value of such property shall be greater than the aforementioned sums, the participant shall be considered as being their own company for the difference and the Company shall be liable only for such proportion of the first loss sum covered as the aforementioned sums shall bear to the total value not exceeding in all the total sum covered by each item.
Memoranda. NATC is to be concerned only with the directives specifically set forth in the Agreement and these escrow instructions and amendments hereto, and is not to be concerned with or liable for items designated as “memoranda” in the within escrow instructions.
Memoranda. When the Additional Space Commencement Date is --------- established, Landlord and Tenant shall promptly execute and acknowledge a memorandum in form substantially as set forth in Exhibit "C" attached hereto.