Matter Sample Clauses

Matter. Matter means any data, text, sounds, images or similar content disseminated, including but not limited to the content of your email, intranet, extranet, website, bulletin board, chat room or other on-line discussion or information forum, and the marketing and advertising of your business services.
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Matter. The content of any communication of any kind whatsoever, whether public or private, regardless of the nature or form of such content or the medium by which such content is communicated, including but not limited to language, data, facts, fiction, music, photographs, images, artistic expression, or visual or graphical materials.
Matter. The Firm and Client recognize that the Firm has been retained by Client in connection with: . The Firm represents that it is competent to handle the aforementioned matter. In the event that additional matters are assigned by Client to the Firm, the Firm has the option of either seeking a separate retainer agreement or may apply the terms of this agreement to those matters. For the purpose of applying this retainer the Client should be aware that any requests for additional services communicated to the attorney and/or firm would fall under this agreement at the firms option. Such communications may involve oral, or written communications or may be implied based upon the scope of the matter identified herein. Review of ethical obligations before initiating representation: Attorney has or will conduct a thorough investigation and determined whether the Firm is aware of any direct conflict of interest or any ethical impediment to your representation. In the event of an ethical conflict the firm shall notify the client(s) within a reasonable time following its discovery. The Firm agrees to take all necessary steps to avoid or mitigate any such impediment. Client agrees that in the event a conflict arises that that disclosure would not preclude counsel for seeking payment of fees on those grounds up until the later of the date of discovery or the date in which the Firm determines are necessary to protect the clients legal interests. Moreover, upon agreement in accordance with the rules of ethics counsel may proceed in the representation provided the client(s) agrees in writing. In the event that this retainer agreement is being executed for purposes of litigation the parties agree that the retainer may be limited to handling specific stages of the proceedings only [i.e.: trial and /or arbitration, or appeal]. In the event that the Firm opts to provide representation for only a specific stage the Firm shall notify the Client at the completion of that stage providing additional requirements to cover additional services [typically a new financial retainer requirement to cover certain costs that it deems necessary to properly handle your matter]. This may be addressed at the Firm’s discretion.
Matter. Pledgor hereby represents and warrants that there are no other proxies and powers of attorney with respect to any Article 8 Matter and the Pledged Ownership Interests that Pledgor may have granted or appointed. Pledgor will not give a subsequent proxy or power of attorney or enter into any other voting agreement with respect to the Pledged Ownership Interests with respect to any Article 8 Matter and any attempt to do so with respect to an Article 8 Matter shall be void and of no effect. THE PROXIES AND POWERS GRANTED BY PLEDGOR PURSUANT TO THIS AGREEMENT ARE COUPLED WITH AN INTEREST, ARE GIVEN TO SECURE THE PERFORMANCE OF PLEDGOR’S OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, AND ARE IRREVOCABLE.
Matter. Particulars
Matter. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx is being engaged by the undersigned to facilitate a mediation of the disputes underlying those certain civil disputes which are commonly referred to as , (the “Action”). Court, Case No.
Matter. Licensor Local Representation shall provide all support services that are the object of the present Agreement. Licensor Local Representation shall also deliver in writing to Licensee the email address to contact (hereafter “entry point”), before or, at the latest, upon delivery of the License keys necessary to activate the Software Product. The entry point will be staffed by knowledgeable employees capable of providing Licensee with support services for the licensed Software Product and its Documentation. At any time, Licensee can access or request access to Licensor’s web-based customer portal.
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Matter. The content of communication, including language, data, facts, fiction, music, photographs, images, artistic expression, or visual or graphical materials. Provided, however, matter does not include technology products or products or services described, illustrated or displayed in matter.
Matter. Any information, including words, sounds, numbers, images or graphics, but does not include computer software or the actual goods, products or services described, illustrated or displayed in such Matter.
Matter. This Agreement relates to the Parties’ dispute with Speeler & Associates, a Florida corporation (“Speeler”) and Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America (“Travelers”) relating to the Twin Dolphin Marina improvements (the “Project”) or any other legal proceeding of any kind related thereto (collectively, the “Matter”). This Agreement extends to the Parties and their respective assigns, employees, agents and affiliates of every kind and to the undersigned Counsel and their respective law firms and shall govern any information or documents that have been shared or exchanged between or among the Parties and their respective Counsel in connection with the Matter, including their Clients. Xxxxxxx believes that from time to time they may have a mutuality of interest in the representation of their respective Clients in connection with the Matter. In this regard, Xxxxxxx claim and wish to continue to pursue the separate but common interests of their Clients and to avoid any suggestions of waiver of privileged communications. Accordingly, it is the Parties' intention and understanding that any communication among Counsel, any exchange of information or documents between them, any joint interviews of their Clients or of prospective witnesses, and any meetings with consulting experts in connection with the Matter are confidential and are protected from disclosure to third parties by their Clients' attorney-client privilege and Counsels' attorneys' work product privilege.
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