Understanding Sample Clauses

Understanding. The Executive represents and agrees that he fully understands his rights to discuss all aspects of this Agreement with his private attorney, that to the extent he desires, he availed himself of this right, that he has carefully read and fully understands all of the provisions of this Agreement, that he is competent to execute this Agreement, that his decision to execute this Agreement has not been obtained by any duress and that he freely and voluntarily enters into this Agreement, and that he has read this document in its entirety and fully understands the meaning, intent, and consequences of this Agreement.
Understanding. I hereby declare that I have had the opportunity to seek independent legal advice with respect to the matters addressed in this Release and the terms of settlement which have been agreed to by the Corporation and me, and I fully understand this Release and the terms of settlement. I hereby voluntarily accept the terms for the purpose of making full and final compromise, adjustment and settlement of all claims as aforesaid.
Understanding. The parties jointly represent to the City Council that this MOU sets forth the full and entire understanding of the parties regarding the matters set forth herein.
Understanding. It is understood that the provisions of this section are intended only to provide a basis for calculating time worked and shall not constitute a guarantee of hours of work per day, or days of work per week or for any period whatsoever. It is understood and agreed that where the normal weekly or daily hours as referred to in Article 6.1.1 above are to be changed, the College shall discuss such changes with the Union College/Campus Committee and hear any representations by it prior to implementation providing such representations are made promptly.
Understanding. Executive herewith covenants and agrees that he has read and fully understands the contents and the effect of this Agreement. Executive warrants and agrees that he has had a reasonable opportunity and been advised in writing to seek the advice of an attorney as to such content and effect. Executive accepts each and all of the terms, provisions, and conditions of this Agreement, and does so voluntarily and with full knowledge and understanding of the contents, nature, and effect of this Agreement.
Understanding. It is mutually agreed upon and understood by and among the Partners of this Memorandum that:
Understanding. On February 13, 1989, as a prelude to negotiations, the Transition Team issued the following “Understanding”: We have learned, during the transition, that we share numerous hopes and concerns. It is our common purpose, through the framework of this Understanding, to work together to advance the long-term role of Harvard University as a premier center of learning, research and teaching. It is commonly understood that Harvard has come to be governed, in the broadest sense of the term, through a cooperative process among governing boards and administrators, faculty, students and alumni, in which each plays a role. This Understanding welcomes the support staff in libraries, in laboratories, and in academic and administrative offices and centers, represented by HUCTW, as a valued and essential participant in this process. We have also learned that we agree about the value of decentralization. The creation of knowledge and its dissemination through scholarship and teaching are decentralized at Harvard, with responsibility distributed to the various faculties and in turn to academic groups, libraries, museums and laboratories. We can agree that some matters affecting the support staff and their work environment need to be consistent across the University, while other questions are better left to joint discussion in the separate and diversified units and departments. Indeed, it is our common view that insofar as it is practical and equitable, constructive relations in the individual workplace are to be encouraged as the focus of problem-solving. Finally, we have learned that we share a commitment to the processes of reasoned discourse in resolving problems and issues that may arise within separate departments and units, as well as in contract negotiations and University-wide problem-solving. We agree to listen to each other persistently and pay careful attention to relevant facts and concerns from all corners. We further dedicate ourselves to training and developing these problem-solving skills in the administrators and supervisors of the University and in the officers and representatives of HUCTW. In sum, we have learned that we can begin to agree on principles and standards which can apply well and reasonably to every part of this diverse and historic institution. We are optimistic about a future which continues in that vein.
Understanding. Each party acknowledges that it has read this Agreement, understands it and agrees to be bound by it. Each party acknowledges that it has not been induced to enter into such agreements by any representations or statements, oral or written, not expressly contained herein or expressly incorporated by reference.