Management Control Sample Clauses

Management Control. 6.4.1 The Seller undertakes to the Buyer that it will procure that the Employment of Employees will comply with the Committed Obligations in relation to Top Management in Annex 5 (Management Control Element Obligations).
Management Control. Exhibits management reserves the right to prohibit the entrance to the Learning Resource Center and to remove from the Learning Resource Center any person or any object which exhibits management deems is not in keeping with the character of the exhibition.
Management Control. -63- Neither the Borrower nor any Subsidiary of the Borrower shall (a) enter into any management agreement with any Person that gives such Person the right to manage any business owned by the Borrower or such Subsidiary, or (b) directly or indirectly pay or accrue to an entity any sum or property for fees for management or similar services rendered in connection with the operation of a business. This Section 9.7 is not intended to prohibit the payment of earnouts in connection with an Acquisition, all of the terms of which are otherwise permitted by this Agreement.
Management Control. The Borrower shall not permit or suffer to occur any change in its current executive management personnel without the consent of the Lender, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Management Control. The Sponsor shall retain Management Control over the Issuer at all times until the final Redemption Date. This covenant shall survive the termination/ expiry of this Agreement.
Management Control. 12 It is expressly understood and agreed that the Director continues to solely control 13 all decisions regarding Departmental policy-making and implementation and that the 14 Joint Committee process created in this article applies only to the policies listed in
Management Control. Subject to the provisions of the Act and except as otherwise expressly herein provided, the General Partner shall have complete and unrestricted power and authority to manage the business, properties and activities of the Partnership in its sole and exclusive discretion.
Management Control. Upon completion of this offering, current management of the Company will have absolute control of the Company. Investors in this offering as a group will have no ability to remove, control or direct such management, nor will the investors have any voting rights in the Company. USE OF PROCEEDS. Our management will have broad discretion on how to utilize the net proceeds generated from this offering and the timing of any expenditures. Investors may not agree with the way our management decides to spend these proceeds. Investors have no discretion on how we spend the money raised from an investor. The use of proceeds from this Offering will be for working capital purposes and establishment of infrastructure and marketing mechanisms. None of the proceeds will be utilized to acquire any assets. Some of the proceeds may be used for deposits on real estate contracts, which deposits will be at risk unless we can obtain additional financing. EXHIBIT "B" ACCREDITED INVESTOR An Accredited Investor is one who meets one of the following criteria:
Management Control. OPIC shall have received satisfactory evidence, which evidence shall include copies of the Charter Documents of the Sponsors and the Companies, that the Sponsors and Pxxx Xxxxxxx have adequate contractual and legal rights (as determined by OPIC in its sole discretion) such that SPI will retain Control of the Companies, that Pxxx Xxxxxxx will retain Control of PC, and that PC will remain the general manager of the Sponsors.