Corporations Sample Clauses

Corporations. If your institution is incorporated outside of the United States for U.S. federal income tax purposes, and is the beneficial owner of the interest and other income it receives, you must complete one of the following three tax forms, as applicable to your institution: a.) Form W-8BEN (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner), b.) Form W-8ECI (Income Effectively Connected to a U.S. Trade or Business), or c.) Form W-8EXP (Certificate of Foreign Government or Governmental Agency). A U.S. taxpayer identification number is required for any institution submitting a Form W-8 ECI. It is also required on Form W-8BEN for certain institutions claiming the benefits of a tax treaty with the U.S. Please refer to the instructions when completing the form applicable to your institution. In addition, please be advised that U.S. tax regulations do not permit the acceptance of faxed forms. An original tax form must be submitted.
Corporations. An authorized officer of the corporation must date, sign, and complete the Subscription Agreement with information concerning the corporation. The officer should print the name of the corporation above his signature, and print his name and office below his signature.
Corporations. Signed by president or vice president. Attested by one of the following: corporate secretary assistant corporate secretary corporate treasurer assistant corporate treasurer If someone other than the named officers signs or attests to the agreement, please provide a corporate resolution or other delegation of signature authority.
Corporations. If we are a Corporation:
Corporations. A. By entering into this Agreement, the undersigned “Corporation” defined as any entity that has filed articles of incorporation in any of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, or the various territories of the United States of America, attests that it has not been convicted of a felony criminal violation under Federal or State law in the 24 months preceding the date of signature, nor has any officer or agent of the undersigned, if a Corporation, been convicted of a felony criminal violation under Federal or State law in the 24 months preceding the date of signature.
Corporations. The Broker  does or  does not consent to Licensee having a personal corporation for the operation of the Licensee’s real estate business. If “does” box is checked above, then the parties will enter into the Amendment to Independent Contractor Agreement to Provide for Payment of Commission to Corporation.
Corporations. Each of the Borrowers, the Guarantors and the Pledged Entities, if any, that are organized as corporations (see Schedule 8.5.1) will (a) do or cause to be done all things necessary to preserve and keep in full force and effect its existence as a Delaware corporation, (b) preserve and keep in full force all of its rights and franchises, except where such failure would not have a material adverse effect on the respective business, assets or condition, financial or otherwise, of such Person, and (c) only engage in Permitted Businesses and as contemplated by its Governing Documents.