Class Representative definition

Class Representative means the named Plaintiff in this Action, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
Class Representative means Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
Class Representative means the named class representative, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx.

Examples of Class Representative in a sentence

  • The Class Representative and Settlement Class Members acknowledge that as of the Effective Date, the releases given herein shall become effective immediately by operation of the Final Judgment and Order of Dismissal and shall be permanent, absolute, and unconditional.

  • If to Class Representative: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx XXXXXXXXXX PLLC 0000 00xx Xxxxxx X.X., 0xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, X.X. 00000 (000) 000-0000 Xxxxxxx X.

  • BPPR shall have no other responsibility for or liability with respect to the payment of a Service Award to the Class Representative beyond the amount stated above for resolution of the Released Claims herein.

  • The Releasing Parties, the Class Representative and Class Counsel represent, covenant, and warrant that they have not directly or indirectly assigned, transferred, encumbered, or purported to assign, transfer, or encumber any portion of any Released Claim except as set forth herein, and that there are no Persons having any interest in any award of attorneys’ fees, expenses, or litigation costs in connection with the Action.

  • BPPR will not oppose such a request of up to $10,000.00 for the Class Representative.

More Definitions of Class Representative

Class Representative means the named Plaintiff in the operative complaint in the Action seeking Court approval to serve as a Class Representative.
Class Representative means Plaintiff Xxxxx Xxxxxx.
Class Representative means Plaintiff, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx.
Class Representative or “Plaintiff” means Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx.
Class Representative means Naylor Farms, Inc.
Class Representative means Xxxxx Xxxxx.
Class Representative means Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx.