Class Representative definition

Class Representative means Plaintiff.
Class Representative means Naylor Farms, Inc.
Class Representative. , for a class exemption, means the representative of a class of person who applied for the exemption.

Examples of Class Representative in a sentence

So long as no Consultation Termination Event (including any such deemed event) is in effect pursuant to the terms of the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement, the Controlling Note Holder Representative shall be the Lead Securitization Subordinate Class Representative.

All of these people together are “class members.” In this case, the Class Representative is Richard Ziccarello.

Until it receives notice to the contrary, each of the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Operating Advisor, the Depositor and the Trustee and the Certificate Administrator shall be entitled to rely on the most recent notification with respect to the identity of the Certificateholders of the Controlling Class and the Controlling Class Representative.

Upon receipt of written notice of, or other knowledge of, the resignation of a Controlling Class Representative, the Certificate Administrator shall request the Certificateholders of the Controlling Class to select a new Controlling Class Representative.

Upon receipt of the name of such current Controlling Class Representative from the Certificate Administrator, the Special Servicer shall notify the Controlling Class Representative that such Mortgage Loan became a Specially Serviced Loan.

More Definitions of Class Representative

Class Representative means Michael Dobkin.
Class Representative means Plaintiff Raynette Ah Chong. The Class Representative is also referred to as the “Named Plaintiff.”
Class Representative means Plaintiff Stanford Glaberson.
Class Representative means Rebecca Friske.
Class Representative means Tushar Bhatia.
Class Representative means a Plaintiff named in any one of the Complaints, who
Class Representative means a person who is appointed by a Class or Band to