ISO Sample Clauses

ISO. If the Optionee holds ISO Shares for at least one year after exercise and two years after the grant date, any gain realized on disposition of the Shares will be treated as long-term capital gain for federal income tax purposes. If the Optionee disposes of ISO Shares within one year after exercise or two years after the grant date, any gain realized on such disposition will be treated as compensation income (taxable at ordinary income rates) to the extent of the excess, if any, of the lesser of (A) the difference between the Fair Market Value of the Shares acquired on the date of exercise and the aggregate Exercise Price, or (B) the difference between the sale price of such Shares and the aggregate Exercise Price. Any additional gain will be taxed as capital gain, short-term or long-term depending on the period that the ISO Shares were held.
ISO. NE - The New England Independent System Operator, or such successor or other entity which oversees the integrated dispatch of power plants in New England and the bulk transmission of electricity throughout the New England power grid.
ISO. The ISO shall maintain the confidentiality of all of the documents, data, and information provided to it by any other Party that are treated as confidential or commercially sensitive under the confidentiality provisions of the ISO Tariff; provided, however, that the ISO shall not keep confidential: (1) information that is explicitly subject to data exchange through WEnet or the ISO internet website pursuant to Section 6 of the ISO Tariff; (2) information that the ISO or the Party providing the information is required to disclose pursuant to this Agreement, the ISO Tariff, or applicable regulatory requirements (provided that the ISO shall comply with any applicable limits on such disclosure); or (3) the information becomes available to the public on a non-confidential basis (other than as a result of the ISO’s breach of this Agreement).
ISO. In view of the importance of our Quality Assurance program to our customers and its importance to the Corporation, it is agreed that ISO Auditors’ assignments will be for the duration of the Collective Agreement, and will be reposted after the ratification of the new Collective Agreement. The employee selected will be allowed to leave the position on an annual basis if they so desire. The ISO Auditor will not have super seniority in a lay-off situation. The Company will continue to post for any vacancies.
ISO. On the Operations Date, ISO New England Inc., a Delaware corporation, shall become the RTO for New England.
ISO. On and after the Operations Date, ISO shall be the entity authorized by the Commission to exercise those functions outlined in this Agreement, the TOA, the Tariff, and any other applicable operating agreements, which functions the Commission has found satisfy the requirements of Order 2000 for RTOs. The Parties recognize that ISO is not a party to, and shall not be bound by, the terms and conditions of the RNA.
ISO. “ISO” means Insurance Services Office;
ISO. The abbreviation for “Independent System Operator.”