ISO Tariff definition

ISO Tariff means the ISO New England Inc. Transmission, Markets and Services Tariff, FERC Electric Tariff No. 3, as may be amended from time to time, or any successor tariff accepted by FERC.
ISO Tariff means the ISO's Open Access Transmis­sion Tariff as filed with FERC by the NYPP member systems on December 19, 1997 in Docket Nos. ER97-1523-000, ER97-1523-000, ER97-470-000, and ER97-4234-000, as it may be modified, amended, or superceded from time to time, and related agreements.

Examples of ISO Tariff in a sentence

  • Based on the REOI Response, the AESO may proceed to the RFP stage, or alternatively may enter into a Bilateral Negotiation stage, in accordance with the process set out in Appendix B of the ISO Tariff.

  • As part of this effort, a pro forma Participating Load Agreement (PLA) was f as part of Amendment No. 17 to the ISO Tariff and was subsequently accepted by FERC.

  • When actual verified Meter Data is available and all of the disputes raised by Scheduling Coordinators during the validation process described in Section 11.7 of this ISO Tariff have been determined, the ISO shall recalculate the amounts payable and receivable by the affected Scheduling Coordinators or by all Scheduling Coordinators, if applicable, as soon as reasonably practical and shall show any required adjustments as a debit or credit in the next Settlement Statement.

  • Notwithstanding any other provision in the ISO Tariff, including the ISO Protocols, a Schedule shall be treated as a Balanced Schedule when aggregate Generation, adjusted for Transmission Losses, is within 20 MW of aggregate Demand, or such lower amount, greater than 1 MW, as may be established from time to time by the ISO.

  • The PLA binds loads participating in the ISO’s supplemental energy and ancillary services markets to the ISO Tariff, just as the ISO’s pro form Participating Generator Agreement binds generators.

More Definitions of ISO Tariff

ISO Tariff means the ISO Operating Agreement and Tariff as amended from time to time, together with any Appendices or attachments thereto.
ISO Tariff means the tariff described in the Supplemental Filing, as it may be amended from time to time.
ISO Tariff means the California Independent System Operator Tariff on file with FERC and in effect from time to time.
ISO Tariff means the ISO's Open Access Transmission Tariff, as it is amended or superseded.
ISO Tariff has the meaning given the term "ISO tariff" in Section 1(2)(e) of the EUA; "ITA" means the Income Tax Act (Canada);