Investment Bank Sample Clauses

Investment Bank. The Borrowers shall, no later than May 9, 2003, retain an investment bank of recognized national standing (the "Investment Bank") to explore all viable options to maximize value, including but not limited to soliciting offers for investment in, and/or offers to purchase the assets of, any of the Borrowers, pursuant to an agreement (the "Investment Bank Agreement") acceptable to the Lender in its sole discretion setting forth the basis on which the Investment Bank will be retained. Following the execution thereof, the Borrowers shall not amend, modify, supplement or terminate the Investment Bank Agreement.
Investment Bank. On or prior to December 15, 2016, the Company will engage a nationally recognized investment bank for the purpose of assessing and evaluating and, if determined appropriate by the Company in its business judgment, pursuing potential strategic alternative transactions. The Company will cause such investment bank, during the term of its engagement, to provide to the Financial Advisor, by teleconference, not less than frequently than once every two weeks at any time the Company is assessing, evaluating or pursuing any such transaction, detailed confidential reports regarding any such transaction including information as to the overall process, level of market interest, indicative value ranges, expected timelines and the identity of any relevant parties; it being acknowledged and agreed that such information (other than the identity of relevant parties) may be provided by the Financial Advisor to the holders of Notes.”
Investment Bank. From and after the Closing, the Company will engage and retain a nationally recognized, reputable investment banking firm, reasonably acceptable to Holder and Senior Lender, to provide advice to the Company with respect to the advisability of a Qualified Transaction. Under no circumstances shall this requirement be construed to be a requirement that the Company enter into or consummate, or that the Board approve, a Qualified Transaction by the Transaction Deadline or at any time. Holder expressly acknowledges and agrees that nothing contained in this Agreement or the Transaction Documents shall in any way impose any obligation on or in any way limit the Board’s discretion or duties or obligations imposed by law.
Investment Bank. The Borrower shall, no later than June 30, 2003, engage an investment banking firm or firms with a scope of services which shall include, without limitation, capital raising activities, such investment banking firm(s) and scope of services to be acceptable to the Administrative Agent.
Investment Bank. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the world’s leading investment banks, with deep client relationships and broad product capabilities. The Investment Bank’s (“IB”) clients are corporations, financial institutions, governments and institutional investors. JPMorgan Chase & Co. offers a full range of investment banking products and services in all major capital markets, including advising on corporate strategy and structure, capital raising in equity and debt markets, sophisticated risk management, market-making in cash securities and derivative instruments, and research. The IB also commits JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s own capital to proprietary investing and trading activities. Retail Financial Services (“RFS”), which includes Regional Banking, Mortgage Banking and Auto Finance reporting segments, helps meet the financial needs of consumers and businesses. RFS provides convenient consumer banking through the nation’s fourth-largest branch network and third-largest ATM network. RFS is a top-five mortgage originator and servicer, the second-largest home equity originator, the largest noncaptive originator of automobile loans and one of the largest student loan originators. RFS serves customers through more than 3,000 bank branches, 8,500 ATMs and 270 mortgage offices, and through relationships with more than 15,000 auto dealerships and 4,300 schools and universities. More than 11,000 branch salespeople assist customers with checking and savings accounts, mortgage, home equity and business loans, investments and insurance across a 17-state footprint from New York to Arizona. Over 1,200 additional mortgage officers provide home loans throughout the country. Commercial Banking (“CB”) serves more than 30,000 clients, including corporations, municipalities, financial institutions and not-for-profit entities. These clients generally have annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $2 billion. Commercial bankers serve clients nationally throughout the RFS footprint and in offices located in other major markets. CB offers its clients industry knowledge, experience, a dedicated service model, comprehensive solutions and local expertise. JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s broad platform positions CB to deliver extensive product capabilities including lending, treasury services, investment banking and asset management to meet its clients’ U.S. and international financial needs. Treasury & Securities Services (“TSS”) is a global leader in providing transaction, investment and information ser...
Investment Bank. An investment bank satisfactory to the Arranger shall have been engaged to publicly sell or privately place the Notes and the Equity (as such terms are defined in the Commitment Letter).
Investment Bank. Within 14 days following the Restatement Effective Date, the Borrower will select and retain one or more investment banks reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, for the purpose of conducting the sale of certain assets and business, each on a basis that has been previously discussed with the Administrative Agent. The Borrower will keep the Administrative Agent apprised, from time to time and at the request of the Administrative Agent, of any material developments relating to such sales.
Investment Bank. The parties hereto agree that TRG will retain an internationally recognized independent investment bank to explore corporate options for TRG to maximize TRG's value, including, focusing on financings and the sale of TRG to, or merger of TRG into a third party. The investment bank retained shall be requested specifically to explore corporate options for TRG, including, but not limited to, a tax-efficient merger of TRG into MGC, with the goal that it be completed no more than 18 months from the date of this Agreement. In the event MGC is sold for cash or in exchange for securities, or if TRG's ownership interest in MGC drops below 15% on a fully diluted basis, the parties agree that they will cooperate so as to provide for the liquidation of TRG and the distribution of its cash or other assets on a tax-efficient basis that is equitable to the TRG shareholders as a whole.
Investment Bank. The Borrower agrees to retain within 45 days after the date of this Agreement, an investment bank to assist the Borrower in finding a strategic or financial partner, which investment bank must be acceptable to the Lender.