Wachovia Sample Clauses

Wachovia. Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, and its successors and assigns, in its capacity as Servicer of the Wachovia Mortgage Loans to the Transferor.
Wachovia hereby represents and warrants that each and every commercial and noncommercial hardware, software, firmware, mechanical, or electrical product ("Products") used, created, assembled, manufactured, developed, or modified in connection with any goods or services offered or provided under this Agreement shall, at no additional costs to Customer, be able to store and process accurately any and all data reflected in the currency unit of the European Monetary Union, the Euro, and related to the Euro (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing, storing, processing, recording, valuing, recognizing, validating, presenting and sequencing). Customer may, at no additional cost, require Wachovia to demonstrate compliance and/or compliance techniques and test procedures it intends to follow or evidence of compliance by Wachovia and relevant third party vendors, consistent with the Euro related representations, warranties and obligations contained herein. These representations and warranties shall be in effect so long as the service(s) or Product(s) provided under this Agreement are used by Wachovia or provided by Wachovia for the benefit of Customer.
Wachovia. Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, and any successor thereto.
Wachovia. 12. A favorable opinion of inhouse counsel to ABI as to certain matters.
Wachovia its directors, officers, managers, agents, and employees shall not, directly or indirectly, maintain, solicit, suggest, advocate, discuss or carry out any unlawful combination, conspiracy, agreement, understanding, plan or program with any actual or potential competitor, financial advisor, swap advisor, bidding agent or broker to: (a) submit courtesy, cover or otherwise non-competitive bids for Municipal Bond Derivatives; (b) refrain from bidding on or negotiating for Municipal Bond Derivatives; (c) coordinate the preparation, submission, content, price and other terms of Municipal Bond Derivatives; or (d) engage in the Relevant Conduct as defined above.
Wachovia. Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, or its successor in interest.
Wachovia. 10. Opinions of legal counsel for the Seller Parties reasonably acceptable to the Administrator: