Instrumentation Sample Clauses

Instrumentation. The acceleration shall be recorded during the test, using equipment in accordance with channel frequency class 1000 as specified in the latest version of ISO 6487.
Instrumentation. The vehicle shall be fitted with calibrated sensors suitable for measurements in winter. There shall be a data acquisition system to store measurements. The accuracy of measurement sensors and systems shall be such that the relative uncertainty of the measured or computed mean fully developed decelerations is less than 1 per cent.
Instrumentation. Instrumentation in the Q family of dummies shall preferably be installed and calibrated according to procedures contained in the Q-dummy manuals5 and the APTS manual. 1 The neck diameter is taken as the diameter of the top and bottom plate of the Q dummy necks. Middle disks are 56.9 mm 2 Q6 neck disk at top 3 Q6 neck disk at bottom 4 Neck shield diameter 5 The technical specifications and detailed drawings of Q-dummy, and the for their adjustment for the tests of this Regulation are deposited in a transitory way on the website of the informal working group on Enhanced Child Restraint Systems ( of the UNECE, Palais de Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. At the time of the adoption of this Regulation by the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29), the text restricting the use of the drawings and technical specifications will be removed from the individual pages and they will be reloaded on the above-mentioned website. After a time period needed by the Informal Working Group to finalize the examination of the technical specifications and drawings of dummies to cover the phase 2 of the Regulation, the final and agreed drawings will be relocated in the Mutual Resolution of the 1958 and 1998 Agreements, hosted in the website of the World Forum WP.29. Annex 9 Frontal impact test against a barrier
Instrumentation. Test stations shall be equipped with instruments to measure the U value to an accuracy of ± 5%. Heat transfer through air leakage should not exceed 5% of the total heat transfer through the calorimeter box or through the insulated body of the unit of transport equipment. The refrigerating capacity shall be determined with an accuracy of ± 5%. The instrumentation of the calorimeter box or unit of transport equipment shall conform to paragraphs 4 1.3 and 1.4 above. The following are to be measured:
Instrumentation. (a) The in-situ water quality parameters, viz. dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, turbidity and pH, were measured by multi-parameter meters (i.e. Model YSI 6820 CE-C-M-Y) and pH meter (i.e. Thermo Orion 230A+) respectively.
Instrumentation. 4 Dimensions, weights, ratings, and layouts .5 Device settings and trip ratings
Instrumentation. Instrumentation in the Q family of dummies shall preferably be installed and calibrated according to procedures contained in the Q-dummy manuals1 and the APTS manual. Annex 9 Frontal impact test against a barrier
Instrumentation. ‌ 29 Developer shall prepare an Instrumentation Plan for all geotechnical Work that requires
Instrumentation. Section 3.31. All work including, but not limited to, mounting, hook-up, loop check, and calibration of all instruments shall be performed by a qualified journeyman at the appropriate rate of pay. Cable Splicing
Instrumentation. 5.2.1. All instrumentation shall be calibrated in compliance with the requirements of the documentation specified in paragraph 1.3.