Inspection of Documents Sample Clauses

Inspection of Documents. Consulting Engineer/Architect shall maintain all Project records for inspection by City during the contract period and for three (3) years from the date of final payment.
Inspection of Documents. This Trust Agreement shall be open to inspection by Unitholders and any agent, consultant or creditor of the Trust on a need to know basis as determined by the Manager, acting reasonably, and, upon written request from any Unitholder, the Manager shall as quickly as reasonably possible furnish such Unitholder with a copy hereof. [The remainder of this page has been intentionally left blank.]
Inspection of Documents a Subject to standing orders to the contrary or in respect of matters which are confidential, a councillor may, for the purpose of his official duties (but not otherwise), inspect any document in the possession of the Council or a committee or a sub-committee, and request a copy for the same purpose. The minutes of meetings of the Council, its committees or sub-committees shall be available for inspection by councillors.
Inspection of Documents. The Sub-Contractor’s liabilities under this agreement will not be in any way reduced or extinguished by reason of any inspection or approval of the Documents or attendance at site meetings or other enquiry or inspection which the Employer may make or procure to be made for its benefit or on its behalf.
Inspection of Documents. Consultant shall maintain all project records for inspection by City during the contract term and for three (3) years from the date of final payment and shall notify the City prior to their disposal.
Inspection of Documents. The Servicer shall provide to any supervisory agents or examiners that regulate the Owner, including but not limited to, the OTS, the FDIC and other similar entities, access, during normal business hours, upon reasonable advance notice to the Servicer and without charge to the Servicer or such supervisory agents or examiners, to any documentation regarding the Mortgage Loans that may be required by any applicable regulator.
Inspection of Documents. Parent and Seller agree that all documents that are retained by Parent or Seller after the Closing Date and that are related to the Purchased Assets (including but not limited to the VAT Records and any other records and documents of the Seller relating to Tax) shall at the reasonable request of the Purchaser be open for inspection by representatives of Purchaser at any time during regular business hours until such time as documents are destroyed or possession thereof is given up to the other party as provided for in Section 6.4.1 hereof and that Purchaser may during such period at its expense make such copies thereof as it may reasonably request.
Inspection of Documents. Where an inquiry or hearing has been held any person who is entitled to be notified of the decision has a statutory right to view the documents, photographs and plans listed in the appendix to the report of the Inspector’s report of the inquiry or hearing within 6 weeks of the date of the decision. If you are such a person and you wish to view the documents you should get in touch with the office at the address from which the decision was issued, as shown on the letterhead on the decision letter, quoting the reference number and stating the day and time you wish to visit. At least 3 days notice should be given, if possible.